Welcome back my friends to the blog that never ends



The Berba knows how to make an introduction.




Welcome at my third attempt at trying to write down items in prose form via the interweb. Some might say the first two attempts were rather unsuccessful, I would counter with, the OS top 100(50) Hot List, and March to Arch were successes, so yeah suck on that.

So what’s different? Why should you visit this site? What makes me think I will update more regularly than the other two? All Valid questions.

The Anwser?

We’ll soon find out.

My goal is to write daily on what I watched the previous day on television. Not going to give reviews, recap, or rate them. Just my random thoughts on that episode, movie or sporting event.

Well, I expect maybe two of you to read this, so whatever.

Oh yeah, call me, Mo


What to Watch For

  • Series Finale of House
  • Thunder Up
  • Loveable Losers
  • THE DEVILS!!!!


Stay Excellent



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