It was a night of finales on my 26 inch HD TV. I saw an to a couple of legendary individuals, who’s clutch performances have brought joy to many.  And as I type this I realize my format needs to change, this whole wait till the next day thing wont work. I simple wont remember what I said at that moment.

Gregory House and Kobe Bryant, their reign of terror is over, for one it’s forever, for the other it’s done for at least the next six months.

No Lisa Cuddy? How dare they? They brought back Kutner, Amber, Joan of Arcadia, Cameron and the Selma Blair chick but not Cuddy?(Joan of Arcadia, yeah I watched, so what?)

How badly does Kutner regret going to work for the White House? Hope and Change failed there too I guess.

Cubs Suck.

Moving on to a family that loves each other, American Chopper had their season finale and boy did it produce. We got Mikey going bye-bye, the Pauls meeting in front of the camera. Oh the tears were flowing. No, wait I meant the bleeps were flowing. Got to love family, Kodak moments.

Finally, Kobe. Suck it you are not Jordan.

Well that’s it. I feel like I totally failed, and 0-4 day so to speak. But whatever, We’ll get better. Plus there’s always the slump buster to look forward too.

Stay Excellent,



What to Watch For

  • Cubs try to claw their way out of last
  • More Sports
  • Better Format?

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