Follow the Bouncing…..


Took long enough, but I’ve made my triumphant return to this, and I’ve come bearing gifts. Two bouncing ones to be precised.

Anyways, since we’ve last met, I’ve seen the Cougar Town finale, Thunder Up get kick in the ass by Spurs, and Cubs actually win a game.

Oh Cougar Town, such a bad name, and well frankly a bad show. ABC made a right choice in not bringing it back. TBS, this and Men at Work are your headliners, maybe you should have just stuck with My Boys.(And ABC, still waiting on the Happy Endings, secret episode to air here in the states).

Finally, cardio, double tap are you some of the rules to follow and you’ll survive the pending face eating zombie apocalypse.


Here’s what to watch for

  1. The Pending Soccer takeover of sports in America
  2. Those crazy Hatfields annoying the McCoys.(damn JD, hitting on Julie)
  3. Riggins and Landry being in movies, but not Smash. Why never Smash? Is it the Steroids?

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