Say it aint So, EA

Here we are again, for the second time in a span of 30 days, we say goodbye to another valuable ESPN asset. Today, Erin Andrews’s team made it public that she will not remain with ESPN and is now a Free Agent. After losing Michelle Beadle to NBC last month, ESPN must be searching for the next great talent, and given their track record, viewers won’t be disappointed.

In the short term, Samantha Steele will surely be pushed to the forefront, and I for one will not complain one bit.

As for EA? Hopefully someone will push you to the front of my TV soon enough. Oh well, we’ll always have the peephole.

What to Watch for

  • My Spidey Sense is tingling
  • My Dark Knight is Rising
  • Boobs

God Save the Queen


Well it’s happened again. England have done their job at an International tournament, provide false hope for the suffering supporters before their customary choke job on Penalties.

Oh and Andrea Pirlo, you dirty beautiful bastard.

Don’t worry England supporters, you can look forward to the 2014 World Cup exit on Penalties to Mexico.


Watch to Watch For

  • Youk Attack
  • T-Swizzle!

Euro 2012

The lull of the summer TV schedule will finally subside for me, as Europe and the rest of world come together to watch an event that only occurs every 4 years. No, I am not taking about Michael Phelps, I am of course referring to the European Championships that begin tomorrow. As a self proclaimed expert of the footy game(stay out of it Rex), I feel it is my duty to present of preview of the event.

The Favorites

The Wags, oh yes the cameras will be rolling, whenever your favorite player scores, you better believe we’ll have  a reaction shot of her. So Bastian, please score for us.

Bastian is one lucky dude

The Flops

Of course, I can only be talking about England. Every two years, the nation begins with hope of finally winning an international tournament and every time they are left disappointed. And with manager Roy Hodgson going all Scouser, we are sure to not be disappointed. But hey, at least we’ll get more of Cheryl, so we got that going for us.

John Terry has been here

John Terry has also been here


Prediction time.

Spain and Germany will come out strong, Portugal and the great CR7 will need to escape the group of death. WC 2010 disappointments, France will need to regroup against the host nation. The other host nation will have plenty of expectations .

Sara Cabroneros and Shakira will go home disappointed, so will Ms Bastian and Claudia Lahm. The winner will be


(For more wags, go here- trust me you’ll want to visit )

Special Euro Version of Watch to For

  • English Fail
  • Balotelli Snapping
  • Germany Dazzling
  • CR7 Diving.

E, Boring

All the Cool kids do it


Video Game nerds unite, E3 has arrive with promise of cool new games, unless you’re a Nintendo fanboy. With cool no graphics, cool new modes, how can anyone not be excited about E3?  Well as Sony prove tonight at their E3 presser, one can quite easily fuck it up.  Especially after spending a half hour at an electronics expo pimping out a book.

Anyways, the  first round of the MLB draft took place tonight, and in Cubs like fashion they drafted an injured player in the 1st round comp pick. Lucky for him, we have the towel drill down pat.

Xbox, end this Blog Entry.


What to Watch for

  • Nintendo Fail
  • Welcome to Foul City
  • I miss you Beadle.

It’s not Goodbye…



Today we said goodbye to a legend. To an overachieving program. To a duo that no one expected to survive. To a tolerable version of Colin Cowherd. Today, the Sportsnation we’d grown to love, will be no more, as the great Michelle Beadle signed off for the last time. So keep on drumming, Beadle. Keep on Drumming.



Here’s what to watch for

  • Pucks be flying
  • Cubs be losing
  • Soccer be boring