Euro 2012

The lull of the summer TV schedule will finally subside for me, as Europe and the rest of world come together to watch an event that only occurs every 4 years. No, I am not taking about Michael Phelps, I am of course referring to the European Championships that begin tomorrow. As a self proclaimed expert of the footy game(stay out of it Rex), I feel it is my duty to present of preview of the event.

The Favorites

The Wags, oh yes the cameras will be rolling, whenever your favorite player scores, you better believe we’ll have  a reaction shot of her. So Bastian, please score for us.

Bastian is one lucky dude

The Flops

Of course, I can only be talking about England. Every two years, the nation begins with hope of finally winning an international tournament and every time they are left disappointed. And with manager Roy Hodgson going all Scouser, we are sure to not be disappointed. But hey, at least we’ll get more of Cheryl, so we got that going for us.

John Terry has been here

John Terry has also been here


Prediction time.

Spain and Germany will come out strong, Portugal and the great CR7 will need to escape the group of death. WC 2010 disappointments, France will need to regroup against the host nation. The other host nation will have plenty of expectations .

Sara Cabroneros and Shakira will go home disappointed, so will Ms Bastian and Claudia Lahm. The winner will be


(For more wags, go here- trust me you’ll want to visit )

Special Euro Version of Watch to For

  • English Fail
  • Balotelli Snapping
  • Germany Dazzling
  • CR7 Diving.

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