Say it aint So, EA

Here we are again, for the second time in a span of 30 days, we say goodbye to another valuable ESPN asset. Today, Erin Andrews’s team made it public that she will not remain with ESPN and is now a Free Agent. After losing Michelle Beadle to NBC last month, ESPN must be searching for the next great talent, and given their track record, viewers won’t be disappointed.

In the short term, Samantha Steele will surely be pushed to the forefront, and I for one will not complain one bit.

As for EA? Hopefully someone will push you to the front of my TV soon enough. Oh well, we’ll always have the peephole.

What to Watch for

  • My Spidey Sense is tingling
  • My Dark Knight is Rising
  • Boobs

2 thoughts on “Say it aint So, EA

  1. I’ve been reading she’s going to Fox, possibly to pair with Gus Johnson and Charles Davis on their college football “not really even close to the game of the week but we’ll claim it is anyways”.

    I hope she does NFL. And maybe some baseball, too.

    • Not sure she will do MLB, unless they either remove Ken Rosenthal or move her to hosting duties. Gus with EA on the sidelines would be much watch TV

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