Alex Morgan is….

The Beautiful Alex Morgan is a smart one

Thank God she’s not a Scouser

What to Watch For

  • EPL Preview
  • Berbaeroticism


In my ongoing attempt to get folks to ride bikes, I present my second consecutive blog on those who ride bikes.

Today I present to you Victoria Pendelton.

And you can see her in the 2012 London Olympics riding for Team GB.

What to Watch For

  • Will it ever see a rainbow?
  • The Bat Man
  • Seriously, Bat Man

Go out and Play…………..with her

If it’s not obvious yet, I watch a lot of TV. Probably a little too much. But alas I’m not some fatty, I do go out and exercise and live life to it’s half fullest.

One of the things I do enjoy doing is riding my bike. And to my surprise, many adults dont know how to ride a bike. Well in the UK, they decided to have a get out and ride a bike event, in correlation with the 2012 London Olympics. Now normally no one really pays attention to this type of community event, but I get the feeling this one did.

Why you may ask? Kelly Brook. Enjoy

Hi Indeed



What to watch for

  • Soccer be back
  • Players be trading
  • A camping we will go

A Very Special….

There’s nothing more frustrating for the TV watching pro than realizing that there’s only 1 minute left in the schedule TV block for the program and knowing they wont wrap everything up in that time frame. Then it happens, the dreaded To Be Continue pops up on screen An Hour(or half hour) wasted without any resolution in that episode.

Obviously these cliffhangers are used to hook the viewer in for another episode and are used only on special occasions. Sometimes these cliffhangers result in some of the better episodes on TV, which got me thinking, what are some top TV Episodes of all time.

Here’s the criteria,

  1. I must have watched the episode
  2. The Music- Especially in dramas, the music has to be just right
  3. Plot- Was the plot advance in a game changing moment
  4. Emotion- Wow factor, did it make it laugh, cry, whatever…

And with that I bring you my top 10 (Spoiler City)

10. Futurama Jurassic Bark

Very few animated shows provide the emotion response Jurassic Bark did. In fact I spend years avoiding the episode when it re-aired on Comedy Central and Adult Swim. Maximum ratings on the music and emotion category land it here


9. Six Feet Under(tie) All Alone and Everyone’s Waiting-

I went with two episodes for this because I feel like Six Feet Under doesnt get the love it should. Both of these come from the fifth and final season, and both leave you emotionally drained at the end. Six Feet Under is show the follows the lives of a family owned Funeral Home. This show also introduces Michael C Hall to viewing attention.(Spoiler, you’ll see him again on this list later) The first one(All Alone) deals with the unexpected death of one of the main characters. The second one(The Series Finale) really wraps up the series. Then final 8-10 minutes is just terribly difficult to watch. If you watched that and tears aren’t rolling down your face, then fuck you.

Had a hard time finding a video for this, as always big time spoilers.

8. Friday Night Lights– Series Finale- Always

I had a hard time trying to decide which FNL episode I would put her, I wavered between the season 3 finale and the series finale. JD McCoy and Saracen or Vince Howard? A tough decision, so I just thought of Coach Taylor’s famous words, Clear Eyes, Full Heart, Cant Lose.

7. Dexter– British Invasion 

The Bay Harbor butcher chase is probably my favorite plotlines from all the Dexter seasons. Mostly because us the viewer knew who the killer was from the start, so we spent 12 hours trying to see if he would get caught. The Doakes/Dexter interactions were tensed, and in so ways we wanted Doakes to finally beat Dexter.

Bah, Showtime has a lock down on videos for this show. Those fucking bastards

6. West Wing(Tie)- In the Shadow of Two Gunmen Part I and Two Cathedrals

Speaking of to be continued, the number 6 on my list is part 1 of a two part episode. The story is also mostly told in flashback form. It tells the story of how everyone came to meet to work on Bartlet’s campaign for President, while concurrently telling the viewers of a major tragedy that resulted in previous episode, the season 1 finale.

The second episode features the death of Mrs Landingham one of my favorite characters on the West Wing even though she rarely a role to play in the overall plot of the series.

Martin Sheen and Kirsten Nelson with their best moment on the West Wing

5 to 1? To be Continued for another day.

What To Watch For

  • Vic Mackey goes Boom
  • Dexter goes hunting
  • The Game is the Game?

Two Beavers are better than One

Talk about Sky Sports Through the Night

The dog days of summer have arrived, the heat, the boredom, the late nights watching Sky Sports News. Well, the last part seems to have an upside, with the discovery of SSN Anchor Olivia Godfrey. Now somehow she’s been with the network since 2011 and managed to not show up on any of the programs till recently. Safe to say I wont miss the 1 AM session for the foreseeable future.

Tomorrow(7-10) is a big day, for it will the first time in probably a decade that I dont have EA’s NCAA Football game on release day. It’s going to be difficult once all the impressions and tweets starting rolling in( follow me on twitter) to not place an order or run out to the store and purchase it.

For once I’m the trendsetter, so all 3 of my readers please start reading Jesse’s Adventure Hour in blog form. I’m sure they’l be plenty of Beadle, Zooey and AJ for all us.

What to Watch For

  • Celebs pretending to like Sports
  • Science Breaking Bad
  • A Return to Power

I’m back for more cash

Over the last 7 years or so in preparation for the new college football season, I’ve purchased the new Phil Steele magazine. Every year I come away impressed with the amount of information he manages to publish. Last year I decided to go the next level by using that magazine as my only source of info and predict the result of every Big Ten game at the end of July/beginning of August(Here’s the proof).

Much to my surprise I manage to do decent, correctly predicting 81% of the games.

So this year, with Phil Steele by my side, I’m going to expand my games with Notre Dame, the SEC, ACC, and of course the B1G.

And here’s my first go around with ND.

Touchdown Jesus will not be happy

Katy Perry has a new “movie,” which gives me an excuse to post this

A Small Part of Me like this

What to Watch for

  • SEC Speed
  • A Return to Power
  • No Raping in Happy Valley