Two Beavers are better than One

Talk about Sky Sports Through the Night

The dog days of summer have arrived, the heat, the boredom, the late nights watching Sky Sports News. Well, the last part seems to have an upside, with the discovery of SSN Anchor Olivia Godfrey. Now somehow she’s been with the network since 2011 and managed to not show up on any of the programs till recently. Safe to say I wont miss the 1 AM session for the foreseeable future.

Tomorrow(7-10) is a big day, for it will the first time in probably a decade that I dont have EA’s NCAA Football game on release day. It’s going to be difficult once all the impressions and tweets starting rolling in( follow me on twitter) to not place an order or run out to the store and purchase it.

For once I’m the trendsetter, so all 3 of my readers please start reading Jesse’s Adventure Hour in blog form. I’m sure they’l be plenty of Beadle, Zooey and AJ for all us.

What to Watch For

  • Celebs pretending to like Sports
  • Science Breaking Bad
  • A Return to Power

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