EPL Preview of Fixture 3

Ah yes, I but you thought I would forget about it, but alas I did not. You are stuck with me for another week, just like the rest KKKenny’s trash at Liverpool.

No Chelsea this week as they were were out in France getting their ass kicked by the other Madrid.

West Ham United vs Fulham– Well a busy transfer period say key players come and go at both of these clubs. Most notably Andy Carroll coming in to West Ham, and Clint Dempsey and Dembele leaving Fulham.

Prediction?- Big Sam will once again try to kill the beautiful game and with Carroll in the fold he might actually be successful. 1-1 Draw.

Tottenham vs Norwich- The Big Winners of the summer window was without a doubt Spurs. Adding Dembele, Dempsey, and Lloris will help AVB make that push for 4th, as long as AVB doesnt get in his own way

Prediction?- 2-0 Spurs

West Brom vs Everton- In what might be a key battle for 6th, Everton will look to use their Belgium advantage for more than waffle eating.

Prediction?- 1-2 Everton

Swansea vs Sunderland-Landrup and Swansea keep adding and keep winning, while providing a great advert for the game. Sunderland and MON added enough to finish 10th.

Prediction?– 3-1 Swansea

Wigan vs Stoke- 3 points last week gave Wigan the biggest cushion from the drop they’ve had in a while, while Stoke added more Stokiness as the Window Shut.

Prediction?-1-1 Draw

Manchester City vs QPR- No Joey Barton around this time to cause trouble as he’s France headache now, QPR were seconds away from victory last season, meanwhile City splashed some cash again.

Prediction?-5-0 City, Mark Hughes gets sacked soon

Liverpool vs Arsenal- The Matchup of the weekend, Scousers dumped trash they had, Arsenal kept theirs.

Prediction?- Wenger loses water bottles and Suarez stabs someone, 1-0 Scousers

Southampton vs Manchester United- The Saints might have gotten the buy of the window in Gaston Ramirez, and United lose Rooney for a month.

Prediction?- 1-2 United

Newcastle vs Aston Villa- Magpies failed in their attempt to take Carroll back and Villa did nothing, this one should be not be pretty.

Prediction?- Ba, 2-0 Newcastle

What to Watch for

  • College Football Saturday
  • Neptune Sheriff Election Results
  • Kayne talks to a dog named Romney, libs call Conservatives racist for it




2012: The Year I Make More B1G Predictions

As promised in an earlier July post, I have returned with my predictions for the upcoming college football season. A few of you will remember of my 80% win record in picking games last season and will enjoy my boasting and subsequent failure this season with my selections, so here they are. You may now go to Vegas and place Bets Accordingly.

What to Watch For

  • Madden Euphoria turning to Madden Hate
  • Everyone’s fantasy football drafts “sleepers”
  • ‘Arry somehow making a bid as the transfer window shuts

The Fight Game is Back

Growing up I was always a boxing fan, and that might be due to my dad, and of course the legend Julio Cesar Chavez. I vividly remember my dad and my uncles coming over to order the Chavez v Pernell Whitaker PPV. But over time as Chavez faded away and the new breed of boxers who dont even box more than once a year, my interest has waned a tad.

Eventually UFC came in and filled that void,and while it was fun, my love has always been boxing. And in recent years, two fighters have grabbed my attention back to boxing, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, and Saul Alvarez.

Not surprisingly they are both mexicans, and both seem to be entertainers in the ring, while living up to the mexican fighter mystique.

On September 15th(Mexican Independence day) both of these fighters will put on a show, but on two different networks. And as such, we will have to decide which to watch live. If this Face/Off Video from HBO is any indication, I know which one I’ll be watching that night

Watch to Watch For

  • Fantasy Football Bonanza.

EPL Week 2 preview

In what will probably be a short live feature, I present to you my EPL preview for the next the round of fixtures.

Swansea City v West Ham United- After destroying QPR, Swansea went ahead and added more attacking flair, meanwhile, Big Sam and West Ham will make sure this game is anything but beautiful to watch.

Prediction? 2-0 to Swansea

Aston Villa v Everton –After a shocking result in the opener, Everton will look to prevent a let down against a woeful Villa squad. Paul Lambert will hope to wash away the stink Big Sam left them last week

Prediction?- One All Draw.

Manchester United v Fulham- RVP wasnt enough as the big afro freaked scored a goal we all saw coming to produce the shock result of the week. Meanwhile, in London, Dempsey was busy being a petulant bitch, as he watched his teammates run through Norwich with ease.

Prediction?-3-1 to United. RVP with a goal

Norwich City v Queens Park Rangers-Relegation Six pointer already?  Probably

Prediction?-2-0 Norwich, QPR sign 6 more players

Southampton v Wigan Athletic- Newly promoted Southampton give a good effort only to pull off a QPR and concede  twice to City. A Victor Moses less Wigan have made their great escape just a bit harder without him. Is their any more Roberto Magic left?

Prediction?-2-1 to the Saints.

Sunderland v Reading– Sunderland need new additions, and Reading  needs a new Keeper.

Prediction?- Scoreless Draw

Tottenham Hotspur v West Bromwich Albion– Spurs finally have Adebayor, but still have Modric, and VDV may want out as well. WBA picked up where Woy Hodgson left them off, by beating those racist scousers convincingl.

Prediction?-3-2 Spurs

Chelsea v Newcastle United– Demba Ba picked up where he left off in January by producing another golazo.  Chelsea will look to dive again(Hazard Warning), and escape with another 3 points to remain atop of the EPL Standings(Match of The Day)

Prediction?-2-2 Draw

Stoke City v Arsenal– Always a wonderful host when they match up, Stoke will look to destroy Arsenal again. RVP-Less, and Song Less Wenger must surely be on the hot seat?

Prediction?-2-1 to Stoke

Liverpool v Manchester City- Scousers versus the crying cunts. Mario will probably torch someone and then maybe play 1 minute in the match as well.

Prediction?-Both teams get blown up? 4-1 City

Watch to Watch For

  • The Chase for the Sprint under the lights

EPL, Part 2ish?

Just in time for the start of the EPL Season, I present to you my predictions for the upcoming season.

The season has started already? Oh, well let’s pretend that this was posted before last weekend.( I did post them twitter, so there’s that)


  1. Man City- Money Talks. Super Mario Burns Bathrooms, and Kompany lifts trophies
  2. Man United- Lack of Money talks, RVP walks, and 20th title will wait for another season
  3. Chelsea- Hazard Warning, Roberto Di Mattrophy gets sacked.
  4. Spurs- Bye-Bye ‘Arry, and enter Juande Ramos 2.0, with better slacks.
  5. Liverpool- Scousers never walk alone, so let that be a warning to tourists
  6. Arsenal- No RVP = No trophies, so another year of status quo at the emirates
  7. Everton- Blue Scousers are only slightly less dangerous. Beware
  8. Stoke- Once they get Michael Owen, nothing will stop them
  9. Newcastle- No way they repeat last seasons form
  10. Sunderland-MON is a mid-table manager, so mid-table they go
  11. Swansea-Landrup has done more with less, I expect a cup run from them
  12. Fulham- Dempsey bitches, but they end up where they belong, next year will be Jol’s season
  13. QPR- Big $$$$$ spent, but probably not well spent.
  14. West Brom-Woy not there, but they will do well enough
  15. Southampton-How good would they be with Bale, Ox, and Theo Walcott?
  16. Wigan- Martinez doesnt go down, which probably disappoints his wife.
  17. Villa- Lambert will survive, while his former team will not
  18. Norwich- The Canaries will croak.
  19. West Ham- Big Sam wont stay for the drop, and good thing, cause he wouldnt fit.
  20. Reading- Just cant seem them staying up


What to Watch for

  • Madden Holiday
  • Mexican Fights
  • way too many fricking drafts

Saying Goodbye…

To the 2012 London Olympics with my very own Closing Ceremonies. And if you been reading along, you”ll know exactly where I’m going with this.

First, with the moment we will all remember, the Alex Morgan goal at Old Trafford. sbnation.com provides the footage



Which Lead to this image, and new entry to the hot soccer chicks, Sydney Leroux.

It wasnt just Americans that caught our attention these past 12 weeks, Great Britain’s gold medal winner Jessica Ennis enters the fold


While Canada may have been harshly eliminated, it also introduced most of the world(men) to Kaylyn Kyle. The Canadian, sure does look good in bronze


What to Watch For

  • NBC still recording shows earlier and delaying them until Primetime
  • Lance still killing
  • So Seriously, are you ready for some Hank Williams-less football?