Are you ready for some football!?!?!?!


I’m not sure if many of the few of you that read this that I enjoy soccer. More specifically European soccer. We are 12 days away from the EPL season starting, and as a treat I will provide a preview for all 20 teams.

Today the teams will be West Ham and Wigan. Why West Ham and Wigan? Why the fuck not is why.

West Ham

Back in the 1st division after being winning the championship, Big Sam Allardyce will make sure that they are as boring as possible in their attempt to stay out of relegation.

What to watch for

  1. Damn bubbles dying? More often than not, one of the recently promoted teams falls through the trap door and goes back to the Championship
  2. Mark Noble, Carlton Cole and Jussi Jaaskelainen will need to show veteran leadership if they wish to stay up
  3. Andy Carroll- They need him. Bad.


Each season you think that this is the year their luck finally runs out and they go down. So why should this year be any different?

What to watch for

  1. Roberto Martinez flirted with the scousers and Dave Whelan ran his mouth this summer, but did they actually improve the squad?
  2. Pretend it’s March at the start of the season- Each year they pull a rabbit out of their ass in March/April, how about they start well for a change
  3. Who’s gonna score?- Rodellega is gone, Di Santo hasn’t proven to be the goal scorer. Is Roberto gonna pull of a coup and loan someone in?


I think this is the year Wigan’s luck finally runs out and finishes in the bottom 3. West Ham will bore their way to stay up.

What to Watch For

  • Hope Solo being mad
  • Hazard Warning
  • Goonies doing truffle shuffle

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