EPL, Part 2ish?

Just in time for the start of the EPL Season, I present to you my predictions for the upcoming season.

The season has started already? Oh, well let’s pretend that this was posted before last weekend.( I did post them twitter, so there’s that)


  1. Man City- Money Talks. Super Mario Burns Bathrooms, and Kompany lifts trophies
  2. Man United- Lack of Money talks, RVP walks, and 20th title will wait for another season
  3. Chelsea- Hazard Warning, Roberto Di Mattrophy gets sacked.
  4. Spurs- Bye-Bye ‘Arry, and enter Juande Ramos 2.0, with better slacks.
  5. Liverpool- Scousers never walk alone, so let that be a warning to tourists
  6. Arsenal- No RVP = No trophies, so another year of status quo at the emirates
  7. Everton- Blue Scousers are only slightly less dangerous. Beware
  8. Stoke- Once they get Michael Owen, nothing will stop them
  9. Newcastle- No way they repeat last seasons form
  10. Sunderland-MON is a mid-table manager, so mid-table they go
  11. Swansea-Landrup has done more with less, I expect a cup run from them
  12. Fulham- Dempsey bitches, but they end up where they belong, next year will be Jol’s season
  13. QPR- Big $$$$$ spent, but probably not well spent.
  14. West Brom-Woy not there, but they will do well enough
  15. Southampton-How good would they be with Bale, Ox, and Theo Walcott?
  16. Wigan- Martinez doesnt go down, which probably disappoints his wife.
  17. Villa- Lambert will survive, while his former team will not
  18. Norwich- The Canaries will croak.
  19. West Ham- Big Sam wont stay for the drop, and good thing, cause he wouldnt fit.
  20. Reading- Just cant seem them staying up


What to Watch for

  • Madden Holiday
  • Mexican Fights
  • way too many fricking drafts

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