The Fight Game is Back

Growing up I was always a boxing fan, and that might be due to my dad, and of course the legend Julio Cesar Chavez. I vividly remember my dad and my uncles coming over to order the Chavez v Pernell Whitaker PPV. But over time as Chavez faded away and the new breed of boxers who dont even box more than once a year, my interest has waned a tad.

Eventually UFC came in and filled that void,and while it was fun, my love has always been boxing. And in recent years, two fighters have grabbed my attention back to boxing, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, and Saul Alvarez.

Not surprisingly they are both mexicans, and both seem to be entertainers in the ring, while living up to the mexican fighter mystique.

On September 15th(Mexican Independence day) both of these fighters will put on a show, but on two different networks. And as such, we will have to decide which to watch live. If this Face/Off Video from HBO is any indication, I know which one I’ll be watching that night

Watch to Watch For

  • Fantasy Football Bonanza.

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