holy crap were 6 match-weeks in(epl preview)

Surely they are Sports fans, if not who cares

I’ve been doing this for what 5 weeks now, and I wonder just how bad my predictions have been. I’m sure one of my loyal readers will do the work for me? Nope? Fuck y’all then.

Going to do something different, adding in the times and TV networks.

Saturday, September 29:

Arsenal vs Chelsea, 7:45am, ESPN2/ESPN3.com- The early kickoff, finally a marquee match up for ESPN to broadcast. And as we saw midweek, Giroud would be the shit in League One. Chelsea remember what’s like to face shitty competition midweek as well.

Prediction? 3-3 entertaining draw. Racist Terry with a goal

Fulham vs Manchester City, 10am, FOX Soccer- Following up that is another match that threatens to be entertaining. Sexy Berba goes up against Crazy Mario. I would so pay to see them have a sitcom.

Prediction? 1-2 City

Everton vs Southampton, 10am, FOX Soccer 2Go- Everton had a shock(not really) loss in the league cup, and will seek revenge on pathetic Southampton.

Prediction? 3-1 Everton

Norwich vs Liverpool, 10am, FOX Soccer 2Go- Dont we all wish we could be liverpool? No? Who wouldnt we want to be scum of the earth? And Stewart Downing

Prediction? 2-2 draw

Reading vs Newcastle, 10am, FOX Soccer 2Go- DEMBA BABABABABABABABABABABABA Ba has regain his scouring touch. Imagine if Cisse does as well.

Prediction? 2-1 Newcastle

Stoke vs Swansea, 10am, FOX Soccer 2Go- Landrup hasnt had much fun of late in the EPL, and meeting Tony Pullis wont do him any better, just ask James Beattie.

Prediction? 1-1 draw, Crouchy is gonna have some nachos

Sunderland vs Wigan, 10am, FOX Soccer 2Go- O’neil vs Martinez, this is actually very intriguing Managerial match-up. I like Martinez.

Prediction? 1-0 Wigan

Manchester United vs Tottenham, 12:30pm, FOX Soccer- If you’re a pro at EPL watching in the EPL this right would be the main course in your morning watching menu. Rooney and RVP will finally start a match together? Will AVB get revenge for his sacking at Chelsea?

Prediction? 2-0 United

Sunday, September 30:

Aston Villa vs West Bromwich Albion, 11am, FOX Soccer- Ooof, not a pretty match for a Sunday, thank god NFL is on soon after

Prediction? 1-1? Who cares.

Monday, October 1

QPR vs West Ham United, 3pm, ESPN Deportes and ESPN3.com- MNF is back, and oof this one isn’t pretty  either

Prediction? Mark Hughes gets sacked ,’Arry comes in. 1-1

What to Watch For

  • The Walking Lame
  • holy shit January Jones is skinny in that picture

Week 5 Preview

Welcome back my friends to show the should end, my predictions are shit, come inside, come inside.


Canada does something right


Swansea City vs Everton– The early kick off , and for us in the States means Ian Darke on the call. Swansea free flowing attack seems to have hit a speed bump the last couple of weeks, but a home match should cure that. Everton will look to rebound and make sure balls go clearly over the line this time around.

Prediction?- 2-2 Draw

Chelsea vs Stoke- After finally facing competition that wouldnt be facing relegation at the end of the season, Chelsea have finally come down to earth. Stoke, always the advert for all out attack, will look to take another point for a title challenger.

Prediction?- 3-1 Chelsea

West Ham vs Sunderland-  There really isnt much to say about this, cause frankly I wont watch this, and really dont care about the result

Prediction?- 1-2 Sunderland

Southampton vs Aston Villa-Southampton play a entertaining style of football, but at this rate they will do it in the Championship next year. Villa seem to have taken some of the stink left on them by Mcleish(meh, I dont care how it’s spelled).

Prediction?– 1-1 Draw

West Brom vs Reading-  West Brom success early on has surprised me, Reading? I havent been paying attention.

Prediction?-1-1 Draw

Wigan vs Fulham- Fulham got back to its winning ways, thanks to the Sexy Berba. Wigan, well I forgot what they did.Whoops?


Liverpool vs Manchester United- The Matchup of the weekend. Scousers will have Downing out. Anotehr game, another missed PK, Rooney should be back in time to miss another PK for United.

Prediction?-1-1 Draw. Always the Victim

Newcastle vs Norwich- Demba Ba has returned to scoring, Norwich do stuff.

Prediction?- 1-2 Norwich

Manchester City vs Arsenal- Super Sunday’s other marquee match-up sees Giroud less Arsenal and Kun-less City go head to head

Prediction?- 1-0 Arsenal, Giroud finally scores!!!!!!!

Spurs vs QPR- Super Sunday’s other  match-up sees Mark Hughes having not added anyone to the squad in a while. Spurs and AVB finally win and made a frenchy mad. Let’s do it again.

Prediction?- 2-0 Defoe.

What to Watch for

  • College Football Saturday
  • Doctor Who scores 10 goals and defeats Cesar in Rome.
  • Chavez smokes weed, and tries to eat Canelo.

Round 4 Round up Preview

Well, the EPL took an international break, so I decided to take the break as well. After watching 120 minutes of boring USA v Jamaica action, I am thouroughly prepared for some Sam Allardyce action.


Norwich vs West Ham– The early kickoff, a great advert for the game this will be. So enough of the jokes, the Hammers actually looked competent, and then Andy went down.

Prediction? 1-1.

Queens Park Rangers vs Chelsea- Handshake gate returns for another round. Will JT and Anton come to blows? Oh I really hope so.

Prediction? 2-1 QPR. JT then proceeds to cum on Anton dreads. Choc Ice!

Manchester United vs Wigan- RVP gets injured on the break, Goonies laugh, and but then proceeds to start and scores goals against wigan. Suck it.

Prediction? 3-1 United. RVP with a brace

Arsenal vs Southampton- Well the Goonies finally scored, and better yet Giroud still sucks. He looks like the signing of the season already. Meanwhile, Southampton can’t catch a break.

Prediction? 2-2

Stoke City vs Manchester City- With Crouchy and Owen in the fold, Total Football has a new home. City will continue to have a horse shoe up it’s ass

Prediction? 1-2 Man City

Aston Villa vs Swansea- Landrup vs Lambert. Offensive minded Swansea, and McLeish stricken Villa. Clearly another Rumble in the Jungle in the midlands

Prediction? 1-3 Swansea

Fulham vs West Brom- Now that dempsey has bitched his way out, Jol must rebuild his side that looked very impressive at the start of the season. Ben Foster’s effort between the pipes have resulted in a strong start for Steve Clarke,    but with the break, will both squads keep on firing on all cylinders?

Prediction? 1-1

Sunderland vs Liverpool- Being A Scouser means hating Americans, blaming others for their wrongdoings, and smashing someone heads for changing the radio station, catch it all on FSC.

Prediction? 2-0 Sunderland

Reading vs Tottenham- Juande Ramos, I mean AVB has not started his second go round in London to a promising start, Harry Redknapp is getting his CV ready.

Prediction? 1-1 Draw SSN has a mic ready outside of ‘Arry car

Everton vs Newcastle United- In what might be the game of the weekend, MNF returns with an Afro and a Ba.

Prediction? 2-2


What to Watch For

  • Boxing Heaven. Chavez, Martinez, Canelo, Lopez.
  • Notre Dame continuing to disappoint
  • NFL Sunday Funday.