Round 4 Round up Preview

Well, the EPL took an international break, so I decided to take the break as well. After watching 120 minutes of boring USA v Jamaica action, I am thouroughly prepared for some Sam Allardyce action.


Norwich vs West Ham– The early kickoff, a great advert for the game this will be. So enough of the jokes, the Hammers actually looked competent, and then Andy went down.

Prediction? 1-1.

Queens Park Rangers vs Chelsea- Handshake gate returns for another round. Will JT and Anton come to blows? Oh I really hope so.

Prediction? 2-1 QPR. JT then proceeds to cum on Anton dreads. Choc Ice!

Manchester United vs Wigan- RVP gets injured on the break, Goonies laugh, and but then proceeds to start and scores goals against wigan. Suck it.

Prediction? 3-1 United. RVP with a brace

Arsenal vs Southampton- Well the Goonies finally scored, and better yet Giroud still sucks. He looks like the signing of the season already. Meanwhile, Southampton can’t catch a break.

Prediction? 2-2

Stoke City vs Manchester City- With Crouchy and Owen in the fold, Total Football has a new home. City will continue to have a horse shoe up it’s ass

Prediction? 1-2 Man City

Aston Villa vs Swansea- Landrup vs Lambert. Offensive minded Swansea, and McLeish stricken Villa. Clearly another Rumble in the Jungle in the midlands

Prediction? 1-3 Swansea

Fulham vs West Brom- Now that dempsey has bitched his way out, Jol must rebuild his side that looked very impressive at the start of the season. Ben Foster’s effort between the pipes have resulted in a strong start for Steve Clarke,    but with the break, will both squads keep on firing on all cylinders?

Prediction? 1-1

Sunderland vs Liverpool- Being A Scouser means hating Americans, blaming others for their wrongdoings, and smashing someone heads for changing the radio station, catch it all on FSC.

Prediction? 2-0 Sunderland

Reading vs Tottenham- Juande Ramos, I mean AVB has not started his second go round in London to a promising start, Harry Redknapp is getting his CV ready.

Prediction? 1-1 Draw SSN has a mic ready outside of ‘Arry car

Everton vs Newcastle United- In what might be the game of the weekend, MNF returns with an Afro and a Ba.

Prediction? 2-2


What to Watch For

  • Boxing Heaven. Chavez, Martinez, Canelo, Lopez.
  • Notre Dame continuing to disappoint
  • NFL Sunday Funday.

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