holy crap were 6 match-weeks in(epl preview)

Surely they are Sports fans, if not who cares

I’ve been doing this for what 5 weeks now, and I wonder just how bad my predictions have been. I’m sure one of my loyal readers will do the work for me? Nope? Fuck y’all then.

Going to do something different, adding in the times and TV networks.

Saturday, September 29:

Arsenal vs Chelsea, 7:45am, ESPN2/ESPN3.com- The early kickoff, finally a marquee match up for ESPN to broadcast. And as we saw midweek, Giroud would be the shit in League One. Chelsea remember what’s like to face shitty competition midweek as well.

Prediction? 3-3 entertaining draw. Racist Terry with a goal

Fulham vs Manchester City, 10am, FOX Soccer- Following up that is another match that threatens to be entertaining. Sexy Berba goes up against Crazy Mario. I would so pay to see them have a sitcom.

Prediction? 1-2 City

Everton vs Southampton, 10am, FOX Soccer 2Go- Everton had a shock(not really) loss in the league cup, and will seek revenge on pathetic Southampton.

Prediction? 3-1 Everton

Norwich vs Liverpool, 10am, FOX Soccer 2Go- Dont we all wish we could be liverpool? No? Who wouldnt we want to be scum of the earth? And Stewart Downing

Prediction? 2-2 draw

Reading vs Newcastle, 10am, FOX Soccer 2Go- DEMBA BABABABABABABABABABABABA Ba has regain his scouring touch. Imagine if Cisse does as well.

Prediction? 2-1 Newcastle

Stoke vs Swansea, 10am, FOX Soccer 2Go- Landrup hasnt had much fun of late in the EPL, and meeting Tony Pullis wont do him any better, just ask James Beattie.

Prediction? 1-1 draw, Crouchy is gonna have some nachos

Sunderland vs Wigan, 10am, FOX Soccer 2Go- O’neil vs Martinez, this is actually very intriguing Managerial match-up. I like Martinez.

Prediction? 1-0 Wigan

Manchester United vs Tottenham, 12:30pm, FOX Soccer- If you’re a pro at EPL watching in the EPL this right would be the main course in your morning watching menu. Rooney and RVP will finally start a match together? Will AVB get revenge for his sacking at Chelsea?

Prediction? 2-0 United

Sunday, September 30:

Aston Villa vs West Bromwich Albion, 11am, FOX Soccer- Ooof, not a pretty match for a Sunday, thank god NFL is on soon after

Prediction? 1-1? Who cares.

Monday, October 1

QPR vs West Ham United, 3pm, ESPN Deportes and ESPN3.com- MNF is back, and oof this one isn’t pretty  either

Prediction? Mark Hughes gets sacked ,’Arry comes in. 1-1

What to Watch For

  • The Walking Lame
  • holy shit January Jones is skinny in that picture

2 thoughts on “holy crap were 6 match-weeks in(epl preview)

  1. I’ve got bias all over the place on this, but I think Fulham draws with City this weekend.

    Call it a hunch. Fulham’s playing really well, City seems like they aren’t (for them), I smell good things.

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