11 goals a scoring


No I didnt forget, I just got lazy, so because of that, I’m adding a little twist. Instead of a preview, how about a review of some of the action this week? Yes? Okay, I’ll try.


Arsenal vs Fulham

The first match of, oh you dont want me to recap this? Well nuts to you, and I was going to post a sideboob pic of Yvonne Strahovski.

What did I learn? Berba does sexy things, Giroud just might be a competent striker, and Arteta shouldn’t take penalties.

Stoke vs QPR

Didnt catch this one, but thankfully, the internet has thing called MOTD available to DL illegally.  What did I learn? That I make the correct decision in FM and FIFA every time I sell of Adel Taraabt. Guy is so infuriating to watch. Talented, no doubt, but he just makes way too many mistakes at this level.

Aston Villa v Manchester United

I’m already behind already in the recap, so it would make sense that the United game is next on the list. Poor Villa, 2-0 leads will be the death of them. First it was Kiko, and now it’s Chicharito. What did I learn? United need Vidic back, cause eventually RvP and Hernandez won’t be able to bail them off.

Chelsea vs Liverpool

In the Racist Cunt Darby, we saw the predictable happen, one racist leads to another, and somehow manage to take one out(Hopefully it’s a long term one). What did I learn? Forwards are valuable commodity, both squads are in desperate need of reinforcements on the front lines.

What to Watch For

  • The Fucking Midweek International Break, is there anything more useless than a friendly?
  • Gobble Gobble, then Rumble, Rumble. Turkey daze, and BF trampling for discount on shoddy merchandise
  • The Weather outside is frightful, oh but please  Dish signal stay delightful.
  • Your Place for EPL start times 
  • Oh yeah, boobs

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