It was a rather weak fixture list, so there was not much to be seen. But there was plenty of Red to be see, throughout the EPL fixture list.

Arsenal vs Spurs

Adebayor was screaming bloody murder after his ill advised tackle sent him to the dressing room about 70 minutes early. AVB’s face was as red as a strawberry knowing he has failed at another London club. Dont worry, there at least 6 other clubs in the city.

West Brom vs Chelsea

A Hazard Warning has been announced for those around the Stamford Bridge area. Especially Spanish number 9’s, they are the one at most at risk. Steve Clarke on the other side is proving that when Roy Hodgson is given time, he can bring in and develop quality players. Arent we glad those idiots in Merseyside didnt give him the right amount of time.

QPR vs Southampton

Well, in the finale of the Mark Hughes QPR reality show, we see why, again, this show was destined to be canceled. Breakdowns, and no action equals low ratings. It was nice knowing you, Sparky.

Norwich vs Man United

My final match of the weekend, it doesnt happened very often but SAF was left with a red nose as he completely got the tactics wrong. Inserting Giggs into the Scholes role never got off the ground, and then failing to sub him out was worse.

What to Watch For

  • Gobble Gobble
  • People Watching, the ultimate Reality Show
  • Harlan County and ISIS.

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