Guess Who’s Back, Back Again



Well the inevitable happened, Happy time ‘Arry has finally had enough to greive over his dog Rosie. Unable to check his email and cash his checks without her, he passed around his number to owners hoping they would call him, maybe.

Well this weeks action was more like a water balloon to the left tit of Rosie O”Donnell. Sure in theory your initially happy then the action occurs.

Sunderland vs West Bromwich Albion

So this was the left tit, action galore. Little Drogs scoring goals. The Rosie part was Martin O’Neil threatening to resign before I could speculate him being sacked.  I was literally waiting for this entry to do so. Anyways that Steve Clark bloke, maybe Chelsea should go after him when they do to Rafa what they did to others.

Manchester United vs QPR

Normal service was return at Old Trafford. With ‘Arry looking on, QPR took an early lead before loosing their heads up their ass for 10 minutes and by then they were down 3-1. Hernandez returned to his scoring ways from his familiar spot on the bench. Taarabt continues to make his way to the exit door in January.

Aston Villa vs Arsenal

This whole match was a Rosie O’Donnel Tit.

Swansea City vs Liverpool

A Dreadful match in Brendan Rodgers return to Wales. Luckily I only watched the final half hour.

Chelsea vs Man City

Fat Rafa is fat, that’s a fact. Also Rafa is not the fan favorite at the Bridge as they took a week off from labeling someone a racist or calling someone a N***** to fire a coach that won the UCL and FA Cup no more than 6 months before. Also Torres still sucks.

What To Watch For

  • ‘Arry on Sky from his Car

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