Midweek Smash and Grab

I do midweek action good.

Bah, I totally had a great theme for this update earlier today, and just as I sit down to write it, I forget it. It was a real good one too, filled with puns up the ass. Alas we must move on. We must move forwards, not backwards. Upwards not forward, and always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom!


A double dose of action, nauseating action, was on the cards as Villa took on Reading and QPR visited the Stadium of Light. 120 minutes of action, and clearly the lights were turned off in the Sunderland/QPR match as neither seem fit to score. Taarabt again demonstrated why ‘Arry sold him off during his spell at Spurs. Expect history to repeat itself come January.

Insert Funny Pun Here

Meanwhile at Villa, they actually managed to bulge the old Onion bag there, saving a dreadful day of EPL action.  Not even the Crystals could save them, or can they?

Call me, Maybe, please?


Chelsea v Fulham, Manchester United v West Ham and Spurs v Liverpool were on the TV sets. Finally some action, too bad it was only in the first 30 seconds. Luckily for me, I had Crystal Palace to save me. Hooray for Right Click, Save.

I fully expect Chelsea FC to release another notice stating they regret to have hired Rafa Benitez. Fact, he is shit. On the other side of London, we have AVB and Brendan Rodgers. Two guys clearly over their heads at their current clubs. If I was running either club I would bring in RDM right now. _Insert Joke here and borderline racist pun here_

What to Watch for

  • More Bort License plates at the gift shop.
  • The Dark Knight Redknapp Rises
  • #MACtion for BCS


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