alex morgan syden

US Internationals.

Watching the EPL in the US is surprisingly easy these days. You have ESPN, and FSC. Online services such as ESPN3 and Fox Soccer 2 go.  It really is great, unfortunately there is a drawback, the Americanization of the game.

It started a couple of seasons ago when FSC landed the UEFA Champions League TV rights and for the Final brought in Michael Strahan who then proceeded to explain how soccer was different than American Football. Now FOX wasnt the first to try this Americanized concept,  we’ve had many of former US “Stars” on TV as pundits, Cobi Jones, Alexi Lalas, Ty Keough to name a few. For the most part they treated the viewer like this wasnt there first go round with the sport.

In the months after the Strahan incident, FOX and ESPN has moved away from pretended that the audience was soccer illiterate to one that needs to be constantly reminded that  there is an American on the field. There’s is no greater culprit than Ian Darke and ESPN. If I hear one more time about Clint Dempsey being a big part of the US World Cup campaign I’m going to puke.  Anyways enough of my senseless rant, let’s move on to part that no one shows up for, my wacky review of the action while watching the Batman Trilogy.

West Ham vs Chelsea

Rafa is out of his element and that’s a fact. Well at least they finally scored a goal. Really though how long can he last, the interim tag surely will be remove soon enough. But how about Big Sam? Making Route One football work to perfection, especially since many were teammates of former US internationals Jonathan Spector and Stu Holden who probably wont face Costa Rica in WCQ.

QPR vs Villa

Not sure why I watched this, oh that’s right happy time ‘Arry has his grip on me. Going up against US International Brad Guzan, QPR never had a chance. Just like Costa Rica wont in WCQ.

Manchester United vs Reading

Many former US international have collected pay checks from both these clubs, including Marcus Hahnemann and Tim Howard. But the lasting memory from this game was the predictability of it all. I famously warned Reading that taking the lead against United would be the wrong move to do. But they didnt listen and United came storming back. Miraculously, Reading took back the lead, and once again I warned them  but they didnt listen.

Fulham vs Tottenham

My final match for the weekend was the granddaddy of them all, US INTERNATIONAL CLINT DEMPSEY WAS INVOLVE. In his return he did to the Cottagers what he hopes the US will do to Costa Rica in WCQ. In what surely will be his last win of that nature,  AVB finally breathe a sigh of relief. Unbeknownst to him, that the ax was just around the corner.

What to Watch For

  • Pac Man
  • Oh the weather outside is frightful wait what, it’s sunny and 70? What the fuck



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