Fight Night Weekend




It was a weekend full of action, a weekend filled with rivals meeting up to settle a score. A weekend filled with knockout blows. A weekend full of bloody faces. And this was just Taylor Swift’s first date with that new guy.

In another shocking event, Ian Darke managed to not pimp the MLS, US Soccer and David Beckham for a week. Lets see how long this new Darke will last.

Chelsea vs Sunderland

In match up consisting of the two managers most likely to lose their job next, we saw a UFO, errr, I mean Fernando Torres scoring goals. Not surprisingly it was a boring 90 minutes. Also, Fat Rafa is Fat. That’s still a fact.

QPR vs Wigan

In the second match of my triple stream action(it’s okay, no streams were crossed) saw a relegation 6 pointer. Happy Time ‘Arry is losing some of his jolliness as 2 weeks in he’s starting to see all the flaws in the squad. Well, ‘Arry, there isnt any cure for the summer time blues. Should have taken the England Job.

Arsenal vs West Brom

The final dreadful match on the triple stream featured a water bottle less Arsene Wenger who clearly was trying to find a way out of the pool after seeing all that diving. Steve Clarke was rumored to be heard muttering Yo no soy marinero soy capitan soy capitan, as Santi Carzola dove by.

Manchester United vs Manchester City

In the main event of the weekend, the city of Manchester took center stage . Super Mario vs Bruce Wayne Rooney with his side kick Robin.  The Wii U had better week than Super Mario, who didnt last long after a reckless performance in the   Darbby. Rooney’s two early goals were nullified by two predictable goals by City, right before all hell broke loose with Robin coming to the rescue. Kicks were had, blood was shed, but red hero emerged from the blue haze

Van Persie


What to Watch For

  • Royals trading all their prospects for average pitchers
  • Fuck Christmas, Boxing Day is nearing close
  • Is Pacquiao up yet?

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