Damn Dirty Mexicans


I survived the Swine flu. I survived the Bird Flu. I survived SARS. I survived Jonathan Quinn. I survived Mad Cow Disease. I survived Cade McNown. I survived Y2K. I survived Windows ME. I survived a head on collision with a semi on a mexican mountain. I survived Whitney. I survived Drowning. I survived Mike Quade( This really was a close one). I survived being dead for seconds at child birth. I survived Bébé. I survived the constant gun fire out my window. And oh God I survived Steve Bartman.

I’ve survived a lot of things in my 28 years of existence, and come Friday I’ll survive some dirty old ass Mexican prediction, and so will you(Unless you’re a Jew).

Bring it on, Mayans.(I’m kidding you Jews.)

What to Watch For

  • More Hip Hop Santa
  • Raylan and his hat
  • I Zea Bacon on Fox. You Following?

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