It’s the End of the World as we know it…..

Mayans Bread


As we are spiraling closer into the abyss that is the Mayan calendar, I figure there is no better time than now than to do a top 5-10 list of the greatest movies/TV shows/Moments of 2012. So as the clock tick towards the end, lets look back.

11:00 AM- It’s raining, surely a sign of the end, but first, the top Movies of 2012. My criteria? That they didnt suck, also hot chicks.  I’ll do my best to remember if these movies actually were released in 2012.

7. Jeff Who Lives at Home- Jason Segel, who will show again in this list stars in this flick. The lack of boobs, is why it ranks this low.

6. The Avengers- The first of the comic book movies on this list. Saw it twice, bought the blu ray. I liked it. Wasnt great, but it did have ScarJo so that’s a plus.

5. Looper- Yes, I’ve fallen for the JGL trap. Throw in the Emily Blunt and Bruce Willis trap and well how you can not like this flick? Also it was good.

4. Trouble with the Curve- Really predictable movie, but doesnt mean it’s not fun to watch. Old Man Clint and Baseball. Old Hottie Amy Adams.

3. The Amazing Spider-Man- I actually wasnt a fan of this, but well Bryce Dallas Howard and Emma Stone elevates a lot of things

2. The 5-Year Engagement- No shortage of Jews here, wait what? Surely someone in the cast is Jewish? Oh well Jason Segel has made his way back onto the list, and he brought Emily Blunt and Alison Brie with him. What a nice guy.

1. The Dark Knight Rises- The Batman. Plus VANE, errr Bane. Also Anne Hathaway. Need I say more through a mask?

11:30 AM- There’s a Storm coming of my worst movie of the yearand fittingly it’s, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. Just brutal.

What to Watch For

  • TV shows
  • Hot Chicks



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