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7:00 PM- Breaking New, the super amazing Thunder Snow/Sleet storm has begun. The Mayans Apocalypse has begun, now will we ever see the Sun again? Will we ever see Jay Cutler throw another interception? Will the NHL continue to do stupid things.

In my continuing attempt to ride out the end of the world, I will not list the top sports moments of the 2012 year.

7. NBC coverage of the Summer Olympics- 

6. Lance Stops Fighting- We all suspected he did. We live on strong with the knowledge that if he fought the good fight we would believe he was clean. Well that stopped, and so did our belief

5. The Final Day of the 2011-2012 EPL Season- For the first time in the US, we had an explosiveni on of EPL matches on TV, and on the final day just about every game was available to watch on basic Cable, culminating in 2 goals in the final 90 seconds to award Manchester City its first every title in 30 years.

4. Ryder Cup Meltdown- The 2012 Ryder Cup looked like it would come back to the USA. Europe needed what amounted to a Hail Mary to win. On the Final Sunday they needed all the matches to break their way, and then it happen, shots went wayward, putts missed, a Lefty meltdown, matches lost for the US. And with Tiger Woods as the anchor to possible save the day, he was render useless as Jim Fuyrk the captains choice choked away the victory on the 17th green at Medinah.

3. Infield Fly- Pixie Dust. Ah yes. But luckily Posey Dust overpowered it and we were saved from another Cardinals World Series.

2. What the World Burn-The Summers Olympics were on fucking delay, so I will delay mentioning them as welll. Lebron won a title. The world media sucked his cock for the next 3 months.

1.  It’s a Messi World Out There- 90 fucking goals in a year.

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