Have a Ho Ho Oh god Chelsea scored again

Well that certainly was a pretty lame end of the world. I was expecting more boobs, but alas we’ll just have(**Torres has scored again**) to settle for close ups of Interim Manager Rafa Benitez.

The Christmas period has arrive which can olny mean, IFC will show R-Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet on a loop for 48 hours **Hazard Scores** no of course I mean we have a flurry of 4 fixtures dates and a comatose posture as we sight through countless of hours of EPL action.

**Lampard Scores**

Manchester United vs Swansea-

Saying all that, I spent the first fixture date watching only one game. And what a game, we only had someone murdered, more amazingly a scouser or a jew wasnt involved. **Some 16 year old of the streets scores for Chelsea** SAF countered that attempted murder by bringing in Paul Scholes. Eye for an Eye. After all, it’s the Christmas Spirit.

The Rest

Now I didnt watch another match, but I did catch glimpses of some of the action, so here’s a quick wrap up.**Jonah hill just scored for Chelsea**  Arsenal decides it cant trust their strikers to score, so they must continue to dive. Happy Time “Arry Magic seems to have skipped the trip to Newcastle(I wouldnt go there either). And Villa must have gotten into the Eggnog a bit earlier cause everyone scored. It was like a Jewish whore house at Christmas.

What to Watch For

  • All the EPL action
  • Jew kids get really sad looking for a tree(This has jumped the shark I bet)
  • ** John Terry scored with everyone’s wife/GF and bulged the old onion bag for another goal**
  • Merry Christmas



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