Oh Boxing Day…..


After finally surviving the dreadful day known as Christmas(see you Jews, I can sympathize with y’all), I am rewarded with the greatest present of all, all day of footy action(Rex Ryan Approved).

It’s the type of day where you will watch anyone play, even them scousers. Well know that I’ve antagonized three different groups, yup Rex Ryan is big enough to be called a group, it’s time to break down some of that action.

Manchester United vs Newcastle

The first half of a double header Manchester/Geordie Darby saw a thrilling, wet, encounter with plenty of goals, and wet pissed off Scotsman. After Johnny Evans scored on both ends of the field, it came down to a Mexican to rescue the points and in the process saved a poor referee from a tongue lashing from a 75 year old. 1-0 Manchester leads.

Manchester City vs Sunderland

The other half of  Manchester/Geordie Darby produced a tale of two keepers. The England Number 1 vs Belgium’s Number 1(not sure on this one?) One left a howler go through him, and one stopped everything in sight. I’ll let you guess who choked **hint- England Always Chokes** Manchester 1. Geordies 1. Now let’s go to the shore. T-Shirt Time.

QPR vs West Brom

Well, ‘Arry will not be pleased with the result. One for who his side performed again, and another for the Chris Foy’s performance. Foy, the ref on the day, made plenty of questionable decisions, seemingly all against QPR. Including a pro bowl block on the keeper Rob Green for the West Brom Winner. Oh well time for ‘Arry to update the CV and find that new job for the next season, because he isnt staying with QPR in the championship.

Liverpool vs Stoke

Within 5 minutes of the kickoff we had a Suarez dive and route 1 goal from Stoke. It was that kind of day with Suarez not diving enough to save them Scousers. How close are you to second place again, Brendan?

What to Watch For


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