2012, be gone.


Never get a Frenchman mad, they seem to aim for the head, with their own head. But very much like a frenchman, they effort to attack is weak, and ends with them walking out defeated with their tails between their legs.

The Final weekend of the 2012 year ends exactly how it started with RVP scoring goals, and ‘Arry in his car waiting for Sky Sports News to interview him. What a year.

Manchester United vs West Brom

Once again the opposition puts the ball in the net first, luckily United’s All time Leading Goal Scorer, OG(Not fact checked) showed up to provide the 3 points(As well as some guy named van Persie). Shinji’s early ninja attacks on the West Brom back line set the tone for what was in the end, a comfortable afternoon at the Theater of Dreams.

Norwich vs Manchester City

This game had it all, Kun, a Dzeko, a Frenchman going crazy, and a horseshoe up an ass. Fucking City, down a man, and still score twice. 2013 better be different.

QPR vs Liverpool

This was the last game I had the misfortune to watch this year. ‘Arry with one foot out the door, and heading towards London, surely now wishes he had taken the Blackburn job. The game was so bad, that even Jaime Carragher was allowed to play once more.

Best of the Rest

Villa just allowed another goal. Everton hit the woodwork again. TW14 is a thing. Martin Jol has a new noose around his next. Cameron Jerome, wowsers. Villa allowed another goal. And Another.

Well lets call it a wrap on the 2012 year, never fear, when the clock strikes midnite, a new round of fixtures await.

What to watch for

  • “Arry takes a dip in the transfer pool
  • Bale and Suarez take turns diving in that pool
  • Bowls and playoffs.
  • Notre Dame overload. Fear it.

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