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I’m back from the gutter and I’ve brought someone with me. Well it took till the new year to forget about posting, and I’m sure you were all disappointed. I mean where else could you get hard hitting analysis on the English Soccer scene.

That being said(which I dont think was much) I’m going back to my roots, back to pics and gifs of chicks with big racks.(Aren’t You Glad I Didn’t Continue The Rhyme?) And if there is time, soccer.

QPR vs Tottenham 

Ah yes, the early 6 AM Kickoff, my favorite. Who doesnt like waking up early after a late night of TV Watching and beer drinking? Who doesnt like watching two teams kick the ball around on 3 hours of sleep?  Normally this guy would like it, but the 90 minutes of inaction at Loftus Road was not what the doctor ordered. Happy Time ‘Arry sent out a daring 4-6-0 formation, while Spurs sent out Adebayor. It went exactly how you thought it would. Oof.

Super Sunday Action

The rest of the Saturday games were dreadful, so lets move on to Super Sunday Action. And well it was dominated by the Manchester Clubs. On one side you have Scousers doing their best to not racial abuse someone and pretend like they are still a big club, and on the other side you have Theo Walcott as your top forward.

Not Surprisingly neither side stood a chance against the Manchester Opponents. A certain Robin Van Persie made his presence known and well a James Milner went back in time to discover his talent to lead their clubs to victory.

What To Watch For


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