The One with the Fake…………..



After spending much of my week skyping with Manti Te’o’s Girlfriend, I sat down for another weekend of premier league action. Games on the docket included a club who’s premier league survival is as real as Lennay Kekua, a club who’s manager who’s jumped the shark, and a match that was absent of optimal conditions.

QPR vs West Ham

Another London Darby for the Rangers, 3 in 3, saw the debut goal from FIFA fanatic Loic Remy, and another point for ‘Arry’s great escape challenge. Getting ever closer to getting that PS Trophy for it. Big Sam on the other hand, tried his best to make me hate the sport. Oh, I bet Joe Cole plays PES, that bastard

Chelsea vs Arsenal

Another London Darby, Arsenal fresh off charging their fans $100 for seats used some of that cash to grant Theo Walcott an £100,000 a week contract. Money well spent, now lets watch him fail at crossing the ball cause the gaffer sends him out wide. And for the second week in a row, Arsenal again showed off that they are practicing American Football, as another players was tackled in the box(Rugby tackled as those brits call it). Oh yeah, Fat Rafa still sucks and that’s a fact.

Manchester United vs Spurs

Finally not a London darby, as we saw the old man, send out a lineup with 5 midfielders, none of which were Wingers(Jeff, Community back in two weeks, on NBC).

Let me regroup from that comma fest.

Van Persie scores, Dempsey scores and we all had a merry fucking christmas

Ian Darke loves America

This week in Ian Darke Loves America, Fat Frank and the LA Galaxy were the feature subject. We also had a rare appearance from Ian Dark Hates America, hey Ian how about giving us a fucking warning before spoiling results elsewhere.

What To Watch For


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