The French Connection on Tyneside



Well, I think we all know what’s on Alan Pardew’s netflix instant queue. Pardew has been to France more often, I think he referred to himself as Popeye Doyle. Though I think Pardew didnt understand the plot. Hopefully he brought the right sex shooter for these upcoming six pointers.

Newcastle vs Aston Villa

There was a sever lack of ball boy mishaps in the match, but nonetheless this six pointer produce some top quality action and goals. Papiss, finally realizing it’s the second half of the season, decided to pick up the slack left by his Ba-less side. **Breaking News** Newcastle just signed Neapolitan Ice Cream on a 3 and a half year deal. Pardew thought he was a French Defender.

Another loss by Villa, and another loss closer for Lerner to complete his project of turning them into the EPL version o  the Cleveland Browns

Manchester City vs QPR

Well to say this lacked the excitement of last seasons finale would be an understatement. Maybe it was the lack of the presence of a certain Italian fellow. The actual game must have been a severe distraction for ol ‘Arry, as he must be twitching from not wheelin’ and dealin’ in the last 4 hours.

What to Watch For

  • There’s a certain game on Sunday, not sure if you all have heard about it. I think they call it the Superbowl
  • Found this little gem while doing my season 3 rewatch of Chuck, enjoy Sarah Walker
  • Tune in Thursday for my attempt of doing a live blog of SSN transfer day coverage.



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