Shut the Window before a Crouch sneaks in

It’s Transfer deadline day, so I will attempt my first ever live blog thingy.

1 AM– And right off the bat, we have SSN(Sky Sports News) drop a bomb, and by that I mean a predictable dud, “David Bentley to spurs? Who’s next, Kanu? Don’t worry, Sky Sources are scouring the QPR Message boards for more news. Ahh yes, let the wheelin’ and dealin’ begin.

Stay tune for the next update. And while you wait, here’s this American

1:39 AM- Well during my scouring of the interwebz, saw this on kckrs via the Gunnersblog. Top Notch stuff enjoy.

Stay tuned for more silliness

8:00 AM-  For the next 12 hours, nothing but SSN on the tube and it’s been a busy 7 hours, Samba to QPR, every Spurs player linked their as well. Becks to PSG, ‘Arry with two carside interviews and Haylee McQueen has replaced Alex Hammond. Whoa, who is this SSN chick reporting from Carrow Road?

Guess that will be for next update.

11:00 AM-  Well this has rather been a boring last three hours as SSN has been fixated on Becks returned to Europe. At the very least Kirsty Gallagher has been on the air. And here comes the blowhard Jim White, the british Chris Berman.

Stay Tuned for hopefully a better update

11:30 AM- Nothing of note to bring up, just this little Deadline day beauty.  (Kate Riley)

Say Hi to the World

Say Hi to the World

1:27 PM- Less than 4 hours till the window shuts, and here’s our first twitter swizzle of the day, Pepe Reina to Arsenal? Surely has to be false, no way Wenger would spend money, twice on deadline day.  And amazingly QPR have been linked to more Spurs retreads.

So in other words, nothing to see here

3:03 PM-  Trip to Popeyes for chicken is complete, and I’ve missed the shift of anchors at SSN. Jim White and Natalie Sawyer are in, the fourth duo I’ve seen today.  So looks like the big news of the day is that Peter Odemwingie seems to have barracked himself in his car outside of Loftus Road, looking for a deal with the club.

Poor Peter

Poor Peter

4:11 PM- Less than 50 minutes till the window shuts, nothing big going on.

Also this happened. Poor Kate.

5:00 PM- Window is shut. Does anyone know where Peter Odemwinge is? Wheelin’ and Dealin’ to the end, ‘Arry on the TV one last time.



Bitches I’m out!

What To Watch For

  • A regular blog entry
  • Chicks doing stupid things

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