Flip the table before the lights go out, too late.

When the lights, go down, in the city


Call me the Da Silva twins. I spent most of the year watching two clubs, one at the top of the table, and one at the bottom of the table. Much like Rafael and Fabio.

QPR vs Norwich

Another dreadful match to wake up for. So dreadful I ignored the blaring alarm for most of the 1st half. Judging from the lack of highlights, ‘Arry might have allowed Odemwinge to enter the premises.  Adel Taarabt once again proving my early hypothesis of being the most frustrating player in the league. Moving in and out and then failing to cross balls in and having penalties saves.  Fucking The Rat. Luckily for Tony Fernandes the window has shut and he can’t lose more money. Side note, Ian Darke Loves Mexico is gaining steam.

Fulham vs Manchester United

And now we flip the table, top of the league United against the Berba-less Cottagers. Not surprisingly the game lacked quality without him. Luckily for United, Fulham went Full Senderos, and you never go Full Senderos.

Newcastle vs Chelsea

Demba Ba’s return to Tyneside well was memorable to say the least. One broken nose later and Ba is glad to be in London. The match was another example of the sheer brilliance of Rafa Benitez. 2-1 lead in 2nd half, 3-2 defeat. So let’s recap, Ba is broken, Cisse chokes a Cole not named Cheryl,(though Ashley likes it too) and Popeye Pardew’s French Connection strikes Rafa down. Fact.

The Best of the Rest

Michael Owen is very familiar with the Stoke Way. The Fellaini Afro strikes again. The Bale Knight has Risen. Scousers suck

What to Watch For

  • The Puppy Bowl, I took the over(12) of Cute Puppies spotted.
  • Community, we’re 4 days away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Because Journey.

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