Rise and FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well it has happened, FOX has hitched their Soccer Wagon to the Gus Johnson express. Sports Illustrated reveal today that FOX has tabbed Gus Johnson to be their main guy at the 2018 World Cup, for which they have the TV rights to.

In preparation for it, he will be calling crucial Champions League Matches as early as 8 days from now. The self professed novice, who prepared for this upcoming journey by “been playing pickup soccer since last summer on the West Side of Manhattan to ‘feel and learn the game.” If I had know those were the requirements I would have been first in line at FOX Sports HQ to apply for this position. Just look at my FIFA Virtual Pro skillz

Now my rapid reaction to this, is WHY FOX WHY? WHY DO THIS TO US AGAIN?!??!

But as I step back from this, there’s 5 years from now until the first World Cup match on FOX. 5 years for Gus to adjust his style for the die hard soccer audience without alienated the novice. And worst comes to worst we here in the states still have the spanish feed.And even better he’ll mostly be relegated to the USA Games. So I can ignore him

My only beef with this move is the on the job training during such a crucial Champions League matches. During a FA Cup Match? Sure go nuts. Just leave me Martin Tyler and company to watch the biggest matches in Europe. Don’t give us Michael Strahan trying to explain the difference of Football and Soccer.

Lets just hope this doesn’t turn out to be another Dave O’Brien situation. Soccer in the US can’t afford that. But till then, Rise and Fire to the occasion, Gus. HA-HA!



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