I’m on Vacation

Whoops? Guess I’ve neglected this, it was bound to happen eventually after 4-5 months of weekly updates. If I am to place blame on why, I’m going to quote a certain John McClane, “I’m on Vacation.”

Fear not, I haven’t lost my love for the game(and other sports) no wait, fuck it. Y’all dont need a thought out explanation. I’m lazy.

Moving On to more pressing matters

Follow the bouncing, OSCAR Winner!

In a new twist surely to confuse the lone poor soul who read this, I’m switching this up for this week, gone is the recap of the EPL and enters is a recap of the EPL and other stuff.

Manchester United vs QPR

In a match that cut down on my weekly EPL review material, The Da Silva Family reunion was marred by a Rafael golazo who desperately searched for his brother Fabio only to realize he was nowhere to be found.  The rest was a rather pedestrian match of footy that even Rex Ryan would be ashamed to upload to the internet.

A Van Persie injury that was long overdue has caused a great concern to Gus Johnson who must now prepare himself to pronounce “Chicharito,”  for the return leg at Old Trafford.

Manchester City vs Chelsea

Speaking of Gus, the fine folks over at fox soccer have made the courageous decision to trot out Gus for his premier league debut at the Ethiad. And much like Torres in front of goal he was hit or miss, with miss leading the pack.

Not to pick on Gus though, I mean he was taught by the best in Rafa who has moved on from fixing to Torres to not Fixing Gus for the American Audience.

Daytona 500

And here begins the first left turn of the blog with the introduction of the Nascar segment. The start of the nascar season signify the start of Spring which to me means the start of baseball season, so I take the left turns and the Erin Andrews in gear.

Spring Training

Nothing really much to say here other than how fucking awesome is that baseball is back?

What to Watch For

  • World Baseball Classic- Baseball starts early, yay.
  • The Goonies mass suicide watch, West Londan Darby time
  • Boobs. Always watch for Boobs

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