MLB The Show, noooooooooooooo, B-Jax Strikes Out Again

The Calendar turning over to March is usually such a great moment, no not because of Spring. It’s because March is MLB The Show release month. And after a year off from the yearly purchase, I will finally get back in the game.

Getting back in the game to me means starting up a franchise with my beloved and doomed Cubs. My yearly ritual of playing every inning of every game and building the club up to be champion by trading away the stars to get young talent(and Corey Patterson) will begin as soon as the game arrives on my Playstation system.

Though my plans have hit a snag already, even before the month arrives. First, Corey Patterson isnt even on the Roster( via Operation Sports).

Second, tone of the two young players I was looking forward to building my squad around has been giving the CAP treatment(No photo).

Poor Brett Jackson

Brett Jackson

Vitters is shown some Sony Love


For Shame Sony, B-Jax just keeps striking out.

Thanks to @PhotogDoug  from twitter for the snapshots. 

What to Watch For

  • March Madness is upon us as well
  • Oz, watch it or James Franco goes sober
  • More Gus, ewwwwwwwwww

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