1060 West Addison- Year in Preview

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Baseball Prediction time.


The Cubs will suck, I think we all know that, but let’s get that on paper.

  • MVP- Castro.
  • Disappointment- Barney
  • Rookie to Watch For- Not really a rookie, but Dave Sappelt.

Division Winners

  • Tampa- Price/Moore/Hellickson will lead the way
  • Tigers- Verlander got paid, weak division
  • Angels- Big Money is bound to make an impact at some point right?
  • Braves- Looks like a weak division, Braves cant be the Barves
  • Pittsburgh- I think this their year, finally.
  • Dodgers- Big Money is bound to make an impact at some point right?
  • Wildcards- Nats and Blue Jays

Award Winners

  • MVPs- Pujols and Kemp
  • Cy Youngs- Strasburg and David Price
  • Rookies- ? No clue really

World Series

Braves-Angels with the Braves winning in 6.

What to Watch For

  • Opening Day
  • Final Fourway action, Kinky right
  • 42




These kids can play, oh wait, wrong side of town……..

In the midst of March Madness today, I settled down for some Spring Training Baseball, as the Cubs were finally on TV. Though the wrong game was shown on WGN, luckily for me the interwebz had my back.

It was my first chance to see highly touted kids, Jorger Soler, Javier Baez, and Daniel Vogelbach in action.

And boy did they not disappoint, Javier Baez with two blast, including a walk-off. Maybe I should watch them more often if they are going to produce like that


Javier Baez


Jorge Soler


Daniel Vogelbach























What to Watch For

Enter the Madness

With selection Sunday just around the corner, I thought it would be nice to look back at my B1G predictions from earlier. And by Nice I mean it’s time to promote how awesome I am at this.

Let me highlight some of the bright spots, correctly predicting 77% of the games, nailing every Iowa game.

Correctly predicting big upsets, including- Illinois over Number 1 Indiana. Wisconsin’s win over then Number 1 Michigan, and many more.

Yellow is wrong pick, Blue is right pick. Click on image to enlarge

What To Watch For

  • Selection Sunday
  • Bracket Madness
  • International Break Boredom

Better than a Canadian-Mexican War

Since we’ve last met, so many things have happened, none of which include the posting of a new blog. Whoops? To be fair, I had about 4 different drafts going, including a EPL wrap-up  a rage on the Champions League, and Taylor Swift takedown on those taking down Taylor Swift, and of course a meaningless sideboob update, well not meaningless.

But alas those will remain a mystery, stacked alongside my Cubs prospects bust and Year in Review entries.

Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for, my semi half-ass review of the action on the weekend.

QPR vs Sunderland

In a relegation six pointer, Happy Time ‘Arry trip to Dubai might well have saved the season. Who knew that all a footballer needed was a few nights of beer and carefree action. I think ‘Arry invented the Footy Slump Buster. Goals from Remy, Jenas and Townsend, might well be money half well spent. Good to know that at least they did something before the club goes into administration.

Manchester United vs Chelsea 

After being robbed of another Champions League season, United were in no mood to shake people hands, and boy did that cause a storm. In a match filled with chants on Fat Rafa being awful in unison from both supporters, a Hazard Warning was put out on a Raging Belgian itching to bulge the ol onion bag.

While Rafa’s one move worked out, the other was Torres, so predictable was awful. So awful was Torres that he started going to ground rather clumsily, hell he wasnt even in the box that dummy.








Hot Chick Hour

How about some Kate Upton fun?










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How about Marisa Miller?









What to Watch For

  • The Madness has arrived.
  • Mila Kunis is the best
  • I’m back into collecting Cards, so expect some crap on that in Future
  • A Cubs half-ass preview is in the works, based on my cards