We’ll always have Omaha

Since the news was leaked out by Sony about a possible spin-off of Breaking Bad involving Bob Odenkirk’s character, Saul Goodman, the interwebz has exploded with feelings on it and possible other spin-offs. As Alan Sepinwall points out, there are many great possibilities. 

As I was taking the train to go watch the Cubs be the Cubs the other day, I started up Season 1 of Chuck on my mp3 player.

*****Warning, Chuck Spoilers are ahead, probably******





Well if you’ve gotten this far then you’ve made a mistake cause you’re actually reading this, and also you dont mind this show being spoiled. It’s cute that I think people read this. See AV Club, this is what you’re missing!

I got to the episode where Bryce Larkin is off to fight of Fulcrum and he asks Walker to join him. My idea for a spin-off would revolve around Bryce just after he Chuck leaves Stanford.  We follow as he goes to Omaha, meets Walker and they become partners. We get to see all their adventures leading up to when Casey shows up. We’ll Fulcrum approaching him, the romance, and him checking up Bartowski(maybe not that last part).

Now let’s go play some Zork

What to Watch For

  • I dont know, Baseball? 
  • The boring ass NFL Draft

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