I’m going to make a confession, I like to watch TV. A lot. I mean given the option to go to a bar or stay home, I’m binging on 12 hours of Season X of X show 10 times out 10. Who needs to throw down $20 on alcohol when there’s 5 seasons of Fringe to catch up on!!

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take a good skank any chance I can, cause a good skank is hard to find. But so is a comedy with good ratings on NBC. And really, how can I pass up 30 hours of Don Draper?

It’s May, which means many shows are coming to an end. That’s gonna leave me with a lot of free time to go out and explore the world, well, you know if I was that kind of person that is.

I had something in mind for this entry when I started it on Thursday, but I’ve since forgetting it, so instead I will give some quick hits on Shows that I like.

Happy Endings- Season 3 wasnt as good as Season 2, but they were always fighting an uphill battle(S2 was sooooo good). Nonetheless it was still a solid 11 hours of action, with many laughs to be had. Too bad those fuckers had to cancel this show.



Shameless- This next show I just started watching last month, and I struggled through most of season 1. But luckily I didnt bail on it and stuck with it for season 2(Not like I had a choice, already made the purchase) because it was a fantastic, yet extremely depressing season. Not sure if I’ve seen a show where the main goal was seemingly to make the audience depressed. Still have season 3 to watch, hopefully the interwebz is kind in regards to ease of access.

Summer Shows- Besides Shameless S3, my goal is to watch one show I neglected to watch these last years, Fringe. Thought about The Office, but my go to binge genre is Drama.

What To Watch For

  • Gifs and Stuff, they are fun.
  • Emmy Rossum’s boobs, with a hint of Smart Hella NSFW
  • I just gave you that and you want more? Bastards.

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