Cubs moving on up(must be a video game)

Another month has come and gone, and the Chicago Cubs are starting to pull away from the division. A sizzling 21 win month has seen the them open up a 9 game lead over the Cardinals. In case you had any doubts that this is a video game, that should erase them.

If that was enough, SS Starlin Castro is playing like a mythical creature has he build up a 22(and going) game hit streak through the month of June. He’s also jumped to the top of the league in hitting(.364) and hits(122).

Not to be outdone, Anthony Rizzo has jumped to 2nd on the team on RBI and Homers even though he’s missed 35 games due to injury.(11/48)

Still leading the team in both categories is Cuban Rookie Jorge Soler(19/54), but his average took a dip, as it’s hovering around .290

Another rookie still continuing his hot start to his career is SP Dillon Maples who leads the team with 10 wins and surely an All Star appearance is on the cards.

GM Mo decided to make a splash on the markets by acquiring Jason Grilli from the Padres for Luis Valbuena. The move followed a season ending injury to closer Kyuji Fujikawa( I got it right on the first time!)

Down on the farm, Iowa Cubs, led by Scott Hairston, have a 7 game lead in the division.

What to Watch For

  • Probably a blog entry
  • Soccer Goal Goal Not USA
  • I don’t Know. Boobs?

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