The Dog Days of Video Games Summer

Summer has come and gone, the hitting streaks can never last, wake me up, when August ends….Here comes the hits again, homers going out, 2 wins in the last ten, becoming who we are…. a team with a 9 game lead over the Pixie Dust Cardinals.

Well that was annoying to write, and I’m sure it was annoying to read. A 14-14 month for the Digital Rosemont Cubs of Chicago, saw them end the month right where they started, in 1st with a comfortable cushion over St Louis.

Rookie of the Year and MVP candidate Jorge Soler continues to be the driving force as he ends the month with a .304 average with 31 Homers and 97 RBI. Or a Miguel Cabrera first half.

Starlin Castro continues to lead the league in hitting, Maples didnt do much but still leads the league in Wins. On the GM side, there were some salary dumps in Feldman and Villanueva to the Nats for Pitching Prospect Lucas Giolito.

And now for what you all are here for, Hardcore Nudity

What to Watch For


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