Coyote Ugly

The Summer solstice not only causes the earth to tilt on its axis, but also brings with it a boredom on the small screen. The major networks put their big guns on a 3-4 months hiatus leaving us with nothing to do.

Luckily the cable networks have seen this period as an opportunity to capitalize on this underserved audience with introducing news series, or new seasons of existing shows.

One such network is FX, and in a slightly ill-structured inverse pyramid(oh man I hope I’m remembering the right terms for this) I’m trying to provide you with an adequate warning that spoilers are ahead for the new FX show The Bridge, so you know, stop reading here and skip to the bottom for possible boobs.

Diane Kruger you say? Mexicans? Serial Killer? Sure I’ll watch, why not. And this also just gives me an opportunity to search for Kruger over at egotastic. But back to this show, two episodes have now aired, the number of shows I have to watch in order to properly decide whether or not to continue watching the show.

The verdict? The Serial Killer story has me intrigued much the same way Dexter did some 5 years back. Diane Kruger is easy on the eyes, so I’ll overlook her character flaw here. The Widow is so far the weak link, but I trust these writers to tie it nicely. And the mexicans you ask? They speak spanish and sometimes english. So overall, I’ll watch, though it’s not up to the quality of FX’s other shows.

But this has all been just a long delay for what I’m here for, I’ve put this off for 2 months now. I’ve been hoping and waiting for a happy ending to this story, but unfortunately there will not be one for Happy Endings. The best thing ABC has produced in the last 3 years(yes better than Modern Family) is no more.


No More Alex, No More Jane.  No More Brad, No More Max. No More Penny, No More Dave. No More Laughter on ABC.

What To Watch For

  • I’m not sure what is going on here, but well you’ll see
  • This doesnt even fit, but well Lizzy Caplan 
  • And here’s a Tribute to Jon Heyman
  • My god this has been some dreadful blogging. The poor sap that read all of this, there wasn’t even in any Jew bashing.

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