Orange is the New Orange you Glad I didnt Say Orange?

During these dog days of Summer, many folks try out different things to pass the boredom. Some tryout various forms of hobbies, some try drinking, and others like me try to find something, anything to watch.

Now in the past, this would mostly consist of going to blockbuster to rent a video or go to Wally World to see humanity soil itself. But lucky for us, streaming services like netflix, hulu, and amazon video have entered our lives.

Without our daily Wally World viewing, Netflix and amazon(**cough illegal streams cough**) have stepped in to provide us with quality original programming. House of Cards while not great was a solid distraction, Arrested Development was hit or miss way too often, and the Zombieland TV Show was dead on arrival.

Thanks to those aforementioned streams, I was able to catch Netflix’s new show, Orange is the New Black. Now I’ve only seen a couple of episodes, but since it does have Laura Prepon, and seconds in we see her boobs, I have no doubt this show can fill the summer gap left by the Networks.

After watching a couple of episodes of that, I happen to tune into my favorite pastime, the WGN Weekend movie spectacular. This week’s showing was the great Sylvester Stallone classic, Driven.Now due to an unfortunate event(I had to poop) I missed the first half hour but caught the car wreck in progress. Now this movie was a total I dont give a fuck campaign. From top to bottom. The Actors, the writers, the director, and the editors just did not gives one fucks about it.

The climax was set in “Detroit,” and boy they managed to make that town whiter than a Jew Convention. The Visual Effects, all I can say is that I hope this was made for 3D or IMAX, and even then these were Playstation 1 graphics quality. Just cartoonish. I wont even talk about the fire scene.

Even with all that, the car crash of a movie is a must watch if you like bad movies like I do. Plus there’s boobs in there too, or at least ones you can google after.

What to Watch For

  • EPL one
  • College Football One
  • No boobs today

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