Guys…I know Kung-Fu……..Or Maybe I dont, who cares there’s Boobs

There’s a good chance that you’ll need an intersect in your head to understand this picture above. That’s an actual photo used by NBC/WB to promote the TV Show Chuck. Fans of the show would easily recognize Chuck, Morgan, Sarah, and Casey, but that one woman in between Chuck and Morgan might draw a puzzled response from many a Chuck fan.

Who is that person?  Why is she there? Well to find an answer to that we must delve deep into the interwebz.

And now that I’m done looking at porn here the answer, she is Natalie Martinez, and she was to be Chuck’s next door neighbor and his love interest, but was she cut from the pilot/series. Chucktv dot net has the story.

The Highlights

” …Many people have forgotten, or maybe never knew, that Sarah was only one of Chuck’s original love interests. There was someone else, someone close by, that Chuck would be secretly pining for from day one. That’s right, geometry haters, the show nearly launched with Chuck embroiled in a love triangle. Who was the vixen who would further complicate the sweet but fragile dawning of affection between our star-crossed lovers?

Her name was Kayla Hart.

Kayla was Chuck’s next door neighbor. Single, twenty-five and heavily into the indie music scene, Kayla worked at the ticket counter of Spaceland, the very same club Chuck took Sarah to in the pilot…”

She was in the Pilot you say? Another quick check of the interwebz has produced a pdf of that script, and guess what, she’s in there.(Here’s the link to script)

So what does all this mean? I mean we were robbed of another hot chick! Damn you Fedak and Schwartz.

What to Watch For

  • And now for what you’ve all been waiting for Boobs, here’s Kate Upton
  • More Kate Upton
  • Since it’s a Chuck thing, Rachel Bilson says hi. I wonder what that sandwich is called

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