The Man across the Bridge

We’ll always have Omaha.

He’s no Walter White but in the world of sports video games, Jorge Soler is Jorge Soler.

It was an end to the season, and with that came some drastic moves by Cubs GM Mo the Great. In came David Price, Matt Harvey, Oscar Taveras and Aroldis Chapman. Minor Leaguers, Arismendy Alcantara, Dan Vogelbach, and Junior Lake. Top Draft Pick, Kris Bryant would eventually make his way up.

80 Games into the season, the new look Cubs have jumped to a 15 game lead in the division, dominating the league from the start. Soler triple crown contender with a .390 average, 23 homers and 65 RBI.

Harvey and Arodys Vizcaino among the leaders in wins.

During the MLB Draft, and emergency Owners Meeting was held and the league passed a new rule making the DH a league wide thing. The rule, that will come into effect after the All Star game will help the Cubs as Dan Vogelbach will finally get everyday playing time.

Well this was all just an excuse to post that picture of Victoria Silvstedt. Enjoy.

What to Watch For

  • Hot
  • Chicks
  • In
  • Stuff…………my god I tried doing a search for Maggie Gyllenhaal on ego and nothing good came up. My god that’s quite a feat.
  • Elmore Leonard passed away recently. Enjoy this video.

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