2013 in Review. Shut up, I’m not late

The Earth has completed it’s trip around the sun again, as 2013 has come and gone. All we are left with are the memories left embedded on my 26 inch HD TV.(GET IT?!?)

There were some highs, there were some lows. Some cliche, some cliche. Nonetheless it is time to review the best of the best(and worst) to come through my Philo Farnsworth contraption with a very non slideshowey top 5.


Working our way to number 1, here is my number 5 moment of 2013.

Old Faces In New Places.

You watch enough TV programming, eventually you’ll have to deal with the heartbreak of having a TV show and a favorite character saying goodbye. So when you seem them appear on other shows, you jump for joy, to relive one more moment.

2013 was no different, Casey said goodbye to Party Down Catering and decided to get into the science of sex. Lindsay Weir finally returned from her Grateful Dead tour to become Don Draper’s new personal sex toy. And Brad went back to LA, without Jane(boooooo) and to catch back up with Jess and Nick. Coach no Winston.

The Ends and Beginnings

2013 saw the end of FOX Soccer Channel and more importantly the end of Olivia, the end of Hayley, The End of the Sky Sports Babes on US TV.

In it’s place arrived NBC and their every game on TV promise(of course that wouldnt happen for me)

The Returns, The Goodbyes, The Raggedy Man

The fans who waited. 50 years to be exact, and BBC delivered, Tennant and Smith, and BAD WOLF all on screen! I didnt want them to go.

If that was all they gave us it would have been a solid year, but then the Girl Who Waited appeared. All the tears.

How I Met Your Terrible Ending

3 long running series embarked on their final season in 2013. 2 of them went the route of being god awful. How I Met Your Mother and Dexter boldly went with that route. One deciding that their audience is too stupid to grasp the faults of the character. And the other deciding the audience will eat their crap if it’s served with sprinkles.

Seriously, they(dexter) couldnt even come up with an original ending, stealing from The Dark Knight Rises(who drinks coffee outdoors!?!?)

My Baby Blue

The opposite of number 2, Breaking Bad, provided a blueprint to how a well liked and received show should end its run. By writing for what would make a great episode and instead of aiming to predict and please what the fans would want, they produced some of the better hours of Television ever seen on Philos magic box.

What To Watch For