The Ghost of Cubs Drafts Past

I’m not the brightest man around. I like Taylor Swift, her music as well.(You can probably scroll all the way down to The Collection section now, I no good at writing)

I like the Cubs. I like to follow the waves and waves of cant miss prospects that eventually do miss. Not surprisingly I type this while wearing a Cubs t-shirt.

Some would call that being a diehard fan. Others would call that being a masochist.(look, I use big words) I would say the answer is somewhere in between with a word not just yet found in the Websters.

Now I could make an excuse and say I didnt know better, that I was just a kid, but alas I was old enough to know better when I made the switch to the next level of Cubs fandom. Add in my hobby of card collecting and we have the project of which I am embarking here today.

The Goal:

As an adult(well in theory an “adult”) I have gotten into serious card collecting. And with being an adult comes the freedom to completely piss away money on my weird hobbies. And my latest one involves relieving my horrors by collecting cards, specifically autograph cards, of some of the biggest cant miss prospects of the last 20 years.

The Criteria:

First and foremost,  with a $25 budget, get as many as  possible, Cubs Cant Miss Prospects auto cards. Focusing on 1st or 2nd rounders and/or Those ranked in top 100 BA list.

The Results:

I should add, that I am a huge Corey Patterson fan so because of that, I must admit that this might just be an excuse to add to my already large collection. Not surprisingly he’s the first ebay purchase made. A bidding war occurred, final price-$1.65


David Kelton, the 2nd round pick the year Corey Patterson was the 1st rounder. Final Price- $1.50


Ben Christiansen, 1999 first rounder and top 40 BA Prospect in 2001, most known for blinding a player in college. Final Price- $2.59


Luis Montanez, 2000 1st rounder, the next A-Rod.  Nic Jackson, twice a BA Top 100 prospect.  Yet to purchased. Nic Jackson was sniped at the buzzer.

Bobbie Brownlie. A 1st round pick in 2002, arm injuries derailed his career before it even started, final price $0.49!


The 2002 draft was Andy MacPhail’s greatest moment, err no wait the opposite of that,  because there were 3 other first round picks including, Matt Clanton, I have like zero clue what happened to him. And there doesnt seem to be a single auto of him in the universe.

Luke Hagerty, never got past A Ball. No autos either.

Chadd Blasko, another 2002 first rounder, final price $2.99( EDIT: Card Has to arrive)


Brian Dopirak, was part of that same draft and eventually becoming a BA Top 25 Prospect before flaming out. Final Price- $0.99


Ryan Harvey, 2003 1st rounder(From then GMs Jim Hendry former HS) Final Price- $1.49


Grant Johnson, 2004 first rounder. Final Price- $0.95( EDIT: It has arrived)


Mark Pawelek, 2005 1st rounder. Seller wants $1.99, I offered $1.25. He declined. No Counter made. Fuck that guy.

Felix Pie, 2006 and 2007 Top Prospect for the Cubs. The Next Corey Patterson in all the wrong ways. Nothing purchased

Final Results

Ed Lynch, Andy McPaul, and Jim Hendry really did some damage to my youth. Way too many high picks, and way too many misses on those high picks

Total Price so far? $12.65 not including shipping which puts it way over my initial budget, but that wont stop me from trying.

Man it has been depressing seeing all these picks “Wasted.” And Oh, if you really wanted to cry, check out this ebay seller, Cubs Hell(Not actual name)