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I said I didnt want to be a pretentious ass when the reboot happened, but here I am, ready to do a hardcore TV Snob. But really come on, wasnt that just the best of Don, Campbell and Peggy?

Oh you didnt watch it? Well you’re an ass.

Anyways, last Sundays episode led me to this very original thought. A very hitfixish attempt to rank the shows that on their very best day provided with some of the best hour(or half hour) of television that Philo Farnsworth could have envisioned.

  •  Now these happened way less as the series progressed, but Chuck enters my list at number 10. Check out the second half of Season 2 for fine examples. 2.19 is my favorite.
  • The first sitcom on my list goes to the gone too soon, Happy Endings. It started off slow, and ending slow, but it had a great middle. Season 2(there’s a theme here) is some of the best TV I’ve seen.
  • The first HBO show to find its way onto my list is Six Feet Under. A show that showcased the greatness of Peter Krause and the unsoiled, raw version of pre dexter Michael C Hall.
  • There had to be one Aaron Sorkin show on my list, even though he’s an ass, he does produce good TV. West Wing, specifically the S1 cliffhanger and the S2 two parter is 3 great hours of TV. S2 finale is also worth mentioning.
  • Second HBO show on my list is none other The Wire.The opening credits song might have changed but the quality remained the same.(well if we ignored that fifth season which we all agreed to do so)
  • Entering my top 5 is the longest running primetime TV Show(dont fact check please) in The Simpsons. The Conan O’Brien years produced so many great hours of television.
  • You didnt think I’d forget about Don Draper did you? Elisabeth Moss second show Mad Men wasnt always my favorite show, in fact I didnt much care for the first season. Actually, why is it on here? Oh yeah this.
  • Entering the top 3, and it’s back to back AMC shows with Breaking Bad. The show that will win all the awards. If you’ve seen it, then there’s no need for me to butcher it. If you havent, fuck you, check out S3/4 for full awesomeness, bitch.
  • The FX sweep of the top 2 spots begins with the adaptation of Leonard Elmore Raylan Givens short stories in Justified. Bringing back the theme, Season 2 is just must watch for any aspiring TV snob.
  • Of course the number 1 spot was going to the my favorite tv show in The Shield. Just watch it all.
  • Honorable Mentions, Scrubs, Sports Night, Futurama, Louie, and The Americans.

What To Watch For

  • Mo’s Totally True World Cup Facts looks at group C. Shut it I dont need to go in order.
  • Columbia- I’ve watch so much of Pablo Escobar stuff via History Channel and telenovelas
  • Greece- Gyros are greek food right? I like gyros
  • Ivory Coast-  It’s a fucking disgrace that this is all i got
  • Japan- I’ve owned nintendos, snes, gameboys, PS1, Ps2 and PS3s. I like a japan a products.

162 Days Of Summer


It’s taken longer than it should have, but 162 games later and the boys of summer have finally finished season 2.

And here are the end results. Warning it’s not prettyMLB 13 The Show_7.(Click on images for better look)

MLB 13 The Show_8MLB 13 The Show_9


MLB 13 The ShowMLB 13 The Show_1MLB 13 The Show_6 MLB 13 The Show_5 MLB 13 The Show_4


What to Watch For

  • Mo’s Totally True 32 World Cup Facts in 32 days with the rest of Group A
  • Hristo Stoichkov is Bulgarian, and true story for a long time I thought he was Croatian. I saw him play in the ’94 WC. On TV!

  • Cameroon is a nation in Africa.  It is true, I looked it up. Also I’ve never played as Samuel Eto’o in any video game

  • Mexico, I’ve been there.
  • And finally, I like her 


I’m Not Stupid, I Speak Italian

Scout’s Honor, I had high hopes when I started this blog. Like, I would actually be consistent with the regularity of how often I posted. And for a while there, I was.

Hell the initial design for this was for what I watched on TV(hence the 26 inches[I wasnt talking about my junk). Then along the way sports and boobs took over. And I’m okay with that.

That being said, it’s time to bring this back to its roots by focusing on what’s on my TV. With a twist.

I’m not going to review them or recap them. There are much better options for that. Instead I’ll try to bring you the highlights of what I saw.

Sunday nights equals AMC for me. And that means Mad Men. Boy that nutty Jew Ginsberg finally went off his rocker. He sure did give a whole new meaning to relieving the pressure. Note to self, dont give a lady a nipple.

What to Watch For

  • Mo’s 32 Facts in 32 Days about the World Cup. First up- Host Nation Brazil. True Story, I lost my first ever bet on the ’94 WC. I had Italy winning over Brazil. My Cousin hoodwinked me. Fucking Baggio
  • What you cant watch anymore is new episodes of Community