I’m Not Stupid, I Speak Italian

Scout’s Honor, I had high hopes when I started this blog. Like, I would actually be consistent with the regularity of how often I posted. And for a while there, I was.

Hell the initial design for this was for what I watched on TV(hence the 26 inches[I wasnt talking about my junk). Then along the way sports and boobs took over. And I’m okay with that.

That being said, it’s time to bring this back to its roots by focusing on what’s on my TV. With a twist.

I’m not going to review them or recap them. There are much better options for that. Instead I’ll try to bring you the highlights of what I saw.

Sunday nights equals AMC for me. And that means Mad Men. Boy that nutty Jew Ginsberg finally went off his rocker. He sure did give a whole new meaning to relieving the pressure. Note to self, dont give a lady a nipple.

What to Watch For

  • Mo’s 32 Facts in 32 Days about the World Cup. First up- Host Nation Brazil. True Story, I lost my first ever bet on the ’94 WC. I had Italy winning over Brazil. My Cousin hoodwinked me. Fucking Baggio
  • What you cant watch anymore is new episodes of Community 



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