Mo’s Summer TV Binge Tour Continues


An unexpected road trip on Mo’s Summer TV Binge tour took us the UK and then south of the Mason-Dixon Line this past couple of weeks. Luckily for me, I brought my passport along for both.

Fish and Chips were on the menu as I hit every stereotype with my first show, Sherlock. The show from across the pond has always been on my list to watch, but a lack of trust in BBC shows had hindered my trip there. But shit changes and here I am, driving on the wrong side of the road and all.

The 90 minute run times per episode threw me off at first. Mostly because it got exhausting trying to binge a couple of episodes at a time. Nonetheless, I push through those overwhelming obstacles to complete the 3 seasons and came out clean on the other side. Basically, solid little show.

After a quick excursion to House land to remind myself that it’s in the running for worse way to end a show in 2013, I grabbed my passport to hit the South, specifically, Georgia. With all my vaccinations in place(suck it Jenny) I sat down for the show I thought initially starred Elizabeth Moss(top of the Lake), but came away massively intrigued at the talents of Abigail Spencer(pictured above).

Spencer in the Georgia sun, in sun dresses. What more can you want?

Next Up? Maybe some Kenny Powers or a trip back to WWII

What to Watch For


Tips for US Soccer “fans”

It’s been 4 years since the lot of you have pretended to care about soccer. So there’s a chance you may have forgotten the proper USA etiquette on how to watch a 90 minute match involving the good ol US of A.

  1. When the Other team scores, make sure to scream bullshit and that’s a conspiracy.
  2. When the US doesnt score, make sure to scream bullshit and that’s a conspiracy.
  3. When the US wins, make sure to proclaim that soccer has finally arrived.
  4. When the USA loses, make sure to proclaim that no one cares about soccer anyways, and how about them Heat/Patriots/Other Bandwagon team?

There you have, enjoy the world cup

Rumbo al Mundial

It’s that time of the year again. Where I make an ass of myself by trying to make predictions on sporting events. The victim this time around is the 2014 World Cup.

I’m sure you’re asking, Now Mo, why would you take on this grueling challenge?

What? You’re not? Fuck you.

Group A

  1. Brazil
  2. Los Mexicanos
  3. The Croats
  4. Poor non payed Cameroons

Group B

  1. The Spain
  2. The Dutch
  3. The Chiles
  4. The Aussie

Group C

  2. Greece
  3. Ivory Coast
  4. Columbia(nobody die please)

Group D

  1. Ur a Gay
  2. Greasy  I talians
  3. British Bastards, quid that
  4. Costa Rica. Where’s your Wanchope now?!?!

Group E

  1. Le France
  2. El Ecuador
  3. Di Swiss
  4. El Honduras

Group F 

  1. Le Messi
  2. Le Pjanic
  3. The Nigerians…….Oh that could have been bad
  4. The Terrorists never win…….like that

Group G

  1. Germany
  2. USA
  3. Portugal
  4. Ghana

Group H

  1. The Hazard Warnings
  2. The Russians are coming
  3. Korea, i forget is the good korea or the bad korea.
  4.  Algeria I saw a movie once about them

Knockout stage predictions, soon.




My name, is……….

I started writing this entry about 6 nights ago, and you know what, I came up with some of my most inspired thoughts that havent been seen since year 3 of college. Like it was New Republic, Stephen Glass good. But in my usual manner of thinking I could sleep on it and actually remember what I said the next day, those thoughts will never see the light of day. So just imagine this paragraph was really good. Like National Enquirer Good.

Anyways, the summer period is a barren stretch of TV hell. Luckily for us, there’s netflix and amazon to help bridge the gap towards the new fall season where inevitably I’ll fail to latch onto any new shows, thus creating another barren stretch of TV hell.

The Flix was the go to option this week, and Arrow was the selection made. My initial impressions were how eerily similar this felt to another vigilante type show, in Dexter. In fact, the lead characters even looked the same. Especially In the Island Mr. Oliver Queen and Teenager Dexter Morgan(Look it up, I’m lazy).

But that’s not all, there’s the daddy issues, dead and alive, to which our protagonist communicates with. Add on the Code to which their father passed on to them to work by.

But unlike Dexter, Arrow(hello spoilers, sucks for you if you havent watched either show but this is kind of a warning) doesnt shy away from exposing Mr Queens double life to those close to him.

Long story short, I liked the first season. Also Willa Holland. Search that.

What to Watch For

  • Up next on Mo’s totally true World Cup Facts is Group b and others that come to mind.
  • Spanish spoken in Spain is different from spanish spoken in Mexico. True fucking story.
  • It took me longer than it should have to know that Netherlands and Holland are the same country.
  • Chile- I got nothing.
  • Australia- Simpsons did it