Spoilers…………I’ve seen that guy before


“Well is there anything the marine corp taught you that you can continue at Bama Poly?”

“They taught Me how to kill Japs. And I pretty damn good at that”

Maybe we need to check on Tom Hanks. Maybe there’s something not quite firing on all cylinders in there.Maybe we should see something in his desire to kill Japs and Nazis. Maybe there’s something more to this than wanting to honor our greatest generation. Maybe I just finished his most recent installment of WWII and needed something that could pass off has half clever before I pretend to provide commentary on said program.


Besides the obvious differences in setting, The Pacific throws viewers right into the front line and in the trenches. No Boot Camp for the viewers to get to know and love the characters. Because of that, you spend the first few hours trying to figure out who the fuck is who. If not for that, I would put this side by side with Band of Brothers.

While going back and watching this and other shows, I start to notice some familiar faces from other shows popping up. It’s really becoming one my unintended joys from binge watching old shows. Like Anna Torv(Fringe) showing up on The Pacific, Jacob Pitts(Justified). The Wire alums on Fringe like Frank Sobotka and Lt. Daniels as well as Lane Pryce from Mad Men. It’s fun getting to see these guys(and gals) agains.

What to Watch For


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